White recycled paper

Discover the new “Cotton” paper, a cotton paper handmade from white textile waste. The result: 100% sustainable paper that does not contribute to tree felling and gives a second life to a waste product.


100% recycled white cotton
Maximum sheet size 50 x 70 cm
Color: white
Weight: 300 g (may have variations)
Printing: digital and offset

What is white recycled paper?

The white ecological paper Cotton is made exclusively from white cotton waste that we take back from the textile industry. First, we separate the white textile scraps that are thrown away, because they will not be recycled. We only use used white cotton garments, and we treat them to save them and give them a second life. In this way, we turn a T-shirt into an ecological white 100% cotton paper, suitable for any type of printing, both digital and offset.

What can you print with Cotton paper?

A totally sustainable paper without the need to cut down a single tree, and without using any chemical bleach. The result is an elegant paper with a smooth, handmade finish, and without any limitations for printing on it.

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A6 Eco-Friendly Flyer

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Eco-Friendly Tags

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Eco-Friendly Business Cards

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A5 Eco-Friendly Card

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Recycled white paper advantages

Sustainability: By reusing waste instead of producing new paper, energy is saved and the amount of waste sent to landfill or burned is reduced.

Cost saving: Recycled white cotton paper can be cheaper than conventional paper of the same quality range, because the raw material is waste.

Good quality: The quality of recycled white paper is exceptional. It is a unique handmade paper with a unique texture.

Originality: Artisanal paper has many particularities compared to other paper, as you can see that it is handmade. Any product you are going to print on this paper will be 100% original!

What is white recycled paper?

Recycled white paper is a type of paper that has been previously used and collected for further processing and reuse. At Sheedo, we obtain white paper for recycling from textile cotton. This cotton is obtained through companies that separate the cotton by type and color and is processed by hand to remove impurities and contaminants. Once the cotton is clean, it is shredded and converted into the pulp needed to produce paper.

Our customers have chosen our Cotton paper on many occasions, but the favorite is for printing gift postcards and wedding invitations. The paper has a beautiful porous texture, so any design that is printed on this special paper will look great. We have also made many clothing labels, given the direct connection of this cotton paper with the textile world.

Algodón textil desmenuzado Sheedo Studio

White recycled paper applications

White recycled paper can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  1. Printing: recycled white paper is suitable for printing documents, brochures, posters and other printing materials.

2. Writing: this paper is ideal for use as writing, note-taking and drafting paper.

3. Packaging: this type of paper can be used to make boxes and envelopes for sending products through the mail.

4. Arts and crafts: it can also be used to make arts and crafts projects, such as paper mache, paper piecing and other paper projects.

5. Stationery: Recycled white paper can be used to make business cards, business cards and other stationery products.

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