Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds

An Eco-Friendly Pens containing seeds, the ideal corporate gift for your events and special occasions

The sustainable pen with seeds is made of recycled kraft paper and BIC pen lead. It is designed in such a way that once the pen is finished, the lead can be separated from the barrel and both parts can be recycled. In addition, the cap contains a capsule with seeds, so you can plant it and watch a basil or mustard plant grow from it.

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Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds

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How to plant the Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds in 3 steps:

instrucciones icono boligrafo con semillas
Insert the cap of the Seed Pen into a pot filled with soil.
instrucciones icono boligrafo con semillas
Place the pot in a place with lots of indirect light and water it every day.
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In a few weeks, you will see the first sprouts appear!

Choose from basil or mustard seeds for your Eco-Friendly Pens.

We’ve created the most sustainable pens ever! After the success our Eco-friendly seed Pencils had (and still have), we didn’t hesitate to continue our research to create the Seed Pens. They are made from recycled kraft paper tubes and have the seeds in their cap. So, instead of losing it or biting it… plant it! 

Once your pen is finished, separate the BIC pen lead from the paper tube and recycle both parts.

Personalize your Eco-Friendly Pens with a blister pack.

Like all of our corporate gifts, Eco-friendly pens can be personalized with a kraft or white paper blister. Our customers usually create a design with their logo and brand image and of course, planting instructions. 

You can combine this gift with our eco-friendly notebooks to create an ideal gift pack to offer at a fair, event or special day. 

Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds are the perfect alternative to plastic pens. Not only are they made from environmentally friendly materials, but they can also be planted!

The seeds of the Eco-Friendly Pens

Choose yours!

At checkout, you’ll be able to choose from two types of seeds to insert into your Seed Pen

lapiz semillas mostaza


Mediterranean plant with yellow flowers 

lapiz semillas albahaca


Aromatic plant with white flowers

How do the Eco-Friendly Pens work?

The first pen that gets planted instead of thrown away!

We unite design, innovation and sustainability

After visiting numerous trade fairs, events and congresses, we were impressed by the amount of plastic merchandising that is handed out and that does not bring any value to the brand or to the consumer. 80% of these promotional gifts are made of plastic and the most chosen by advertisers is the traditional promotional pen. Since then, we have worked hard to come up with the idea to create Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds. A functional and beautiful writing instrument that is a real alternative to plastic pens.


How to recycle our Eco-Friendly Pens with seeds?

Our Seed Pen consists of a paper tube with a diameter of 6mm, with double reinforcement for proper rigidity. It is a brown recycled kraft paper and can be customized with a screen printed logo. 

Inside the paper tube is the BIC pen lead. We have bonded the ink to the barrel so that it can be easily separated for recycling. BIC and TerraCycle created in 2011 a free writing instrument recycling program based on sending the material to be recycled and with each shipment you will receive TerraCycle points that you can redeem for donations to the association or school of your choice.

Finally, the cap of the pen is handmade with the same material, and contains the seeds. The seeds are kept inside a biodegradable capsule, so that once the pen is finished or you no longer want to use it, you can plant it and a basil or mustard plant will grow from it.


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