Step by Step, Seed by Seed

A Story of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Where did it all start?

Sheedo Studio is a project that was consolidated in 2017 by Gonzalo and Gala, two young entrepreneurs convinced that they could revolutionize the sector of ecological merchandising and sustainable corporate stationery. It all started with an innovative product for the paper industry: plantable paper with seeds.

Today, Sheedo Studio has become a reference for sustainable solutions for corporate marketing. We create innovative, qualitative and environmentally responsible alternatives to help you become more sustainable.

Our philosophy remains the same as the one we were born with: to help you in your quest to become more sustainable.


Our Commitment

Sheedo Studio’s commitment is to be alongside companies. We accompany you on the road to implementing more sustainable solutions in your communication and marketing campaigns, as well as in your day-to-day habits.

All you need to do is to put in the will; we give you our ideas and tools to make it happen. Every project we undertake has a positive impact on the environment and our immediate surroundings.

Our future lies in continuing to inspire you, to open the door to actual sustainability for all the companies that are already committed to change. Together we can reach more and more people!

We are living through nature

We are aware of this great gift that Mother Nature offers us, and our purpose is inspired by her. We translate our commitment to nature directly into our products and designs.


Humanity as a Pillar

We are a brand that stands by its people, its team, its customers and its suppliers. Human value is fundamental to us. It all begins in the creative mind of the person who has an idea, it then passes through the hardworking hands of the manufacturer, and ends up in the bright and hopeful gaze of the user who receives the final product.

Excellence is in the detail

Quality is one of our biggest commitments. We prove
that sustainability, design and quality can go hand in hand. We take care of every last detail to create sustainable gifts of excellent quality.


Daring is part of innovating

Sheedo was born from the ability of four entrepreneurs to create and dream. Innovation is more than present in our brand DNA and must always be projected through our message. We dreamt of a piece of paper that could turn into a plant, and from dreaming so hard, we actually made it come true.

The Sheedo Team

Entrepreneurs, creators and nature lovers










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Your Sustainability Comes First

We believe in true and strategic sustainability


We believe that sustainability is no longer something we can get to choose.

As companies we have a great social responsibility, and the most important is to implement sustainability as a real and strategic part of our processes.

We work alongside you to get there, through innovative solutions and responsible, accessible alternatives.



“Being sustainable

is no longer

an option”

The main focus at Sheedo Studio is to fulfil the desire of any company to be sustainable through our products.


It is your needs and desires that leads and conducts the way we work here at Sheedo Studio. This is the reason why our services and products are flexible and customizable. 

Sheedo is a guarantee of sustainable quality

We are certified BCorp!


Sheedo: the first Spanish company specialized in paper to be certified B Corp

As a B Corp certified brand, our role is to make a positive social impact and meet high social, environmental and community standards, as well as being highly committed to transparency and sustainability.

B Corp is a global movement of people who use business, to create a positive impact on society. It is a transformative movement, where business is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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