Seed Paper Notebook

The sustainable notebook that holds the seeds

of change

Make somebody’s life different with this seed paper notebook!

Our plantable notebooks are designed to bring your ideas to life. They are 100% sustainable, made with seeded and recycled paper with FSC certification.

An eco-friendly and practical gift, with which you can communicate your sustainability values and your social responsibility as a company. The pages of this notebook will turn into a living plant, a living memory of your ideas, projects, events or the image of your brand.

Choose your notebook and customize it as you please

You get to choose wether you want the seed paper on the front and back cover  (Seeded Cover Notebook), or if you prefer the seeds in the inside (Seed Paper Notebook).

For the Seed Paper Notebook, in addition to being able to customize the front and back covers,  also includes your design on the two seeded sheets inside, which can be removed and turned into 4 plantable postcards.

“Write and bring your ideas to life

with our eco-friendly Seed Paper Notebook!”

How to plant our Notebook with seeds

como plantar papel con semillas 1
Soak the seed paper from the notebook in a  bit of water for about 1 to 2 hours
como plantar papel con semillas 2
Cut the seed paper into pieces and put them into a pot filled with soil
como plantar papel con semillas 3
Add 5 mm of soil and put the pot in the sun. Water it every day, without letting it dry out.

Choose your Seed Paper Notebook

Just two notebooks, but one thousand ways to design, create, print and impress!

If you choose the Seed Paper Notebook (50 pages), you’ll be able to customize the design and the base of the covers but also the two seed paper sheets inside. But, if your prefer to customize the seed paper on the front and back covers, go ahead and choose the Seeded Cover Notebook (26 pages).

Choose the one you like the most and that best suits your ideas and message! Get started with your creation and personalize your Seed Paper Notebook with our ONLINE EDITOR. 

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Which seeds for your Notebook?

Pick the one you like the most!

The Seed Paper Notebook is made out of recycled paper. Inside this notebook you will find 2 sheets of seed paper that turn into 4 individual postcards once they are removed.

The Seeded Cover Notebook, already has seed paper on the front and back covers. You can customize the design and of course choose the seed that best suits your environmentally friendly campaign!

seed paper notebook chamomille


seed paper notebook celosia


flower seed paper notebook

Wild Flowers

carrot seed paper notebook


tomato seed paper notebook


Eco-friendly Seed Paper Notebook characteristics 

Recycled paper and plantable seed paper

Two different types of notebooks

Seed Paper Notebook (A5)

  • Front and back covers: brown kraft paper, grey or white laid paper.
  • Interior: 50 pages of recycled paper (90g) + 2 sheets of plantable tomato and wild flower seeded paper.
  • Binding: PUR


Seeded Cover Notebook (A5)

  • Front and back covers: plantable paper with the seed of your choice.
  • Interior: 26 pages of recycled paper (90g).
  • Binding: staples



The paper used in our sustainable notebooks are seeded, recycled and FSC certified. Our papers are made from residual cotton from the textile industry.



The front and back covers, as well as the seeded plantable sheets inside of the notebooks can be printed in FULL color.

Bear in mind that seed paper is very unique and so is the printing process. We advise you to avoid large color masses and colors that are a bit too faint.

seed paper notebook
seed paper notebook
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