Plantable Seed Paper Calendar

The yearly calendar for sustainable businesses

Choose your plantable calendar with seeds

Two types of sustainable calendars full of life

We have designed two options of plantable calendars, so that you can choose and give away the option that best suits your marketing action.

On the one hand we have the Plantable Case Calendar (12 sheets), a sustainable calendar presented in a self-assembling case. Once opened, the packaging becomes the support itself that holds each month of paper with seeds. The 12 months are A6 sized seeded paper cards. When a month passes, plant it!

On the other hand, we have the triangular Plantable Calendar that we all know. This one, however, is very special: the cover is made of recycled cotton paper and each month is from a different seed. Just like the case plantable calendar, you can plant each passing month.

Choose the model that best suits your message, and create your own personalized design from our ONLINE EDITOR.

Calendario plantable triangular

Triangular Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,15€

Calendario plantable estuche

Box Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,55€


How to plant the Seed Paper Calendar

papel con semillas

Soak the plantable calendar paper in a little water for 1-2 hours.


Cut it into pieces and place the pieces of paper on a pot filled with soil.


Cover it with 5 mm of soil and put it in the sun. Water it every day, without letting it dry out.

Sheedo Plantable Calendar: A green corporate gift for your Christmas campaigns

Our plantable calendars are the perfect corporate gift to celebrate Christmas with your employees and customers. An eco-friendly promotional gift to start the new year with enthusiasm and life.

A 100% sustainable calendar, made with FSC certified paper as well as our special seed paper. Each month, the pages of our plantable calendar can grow into a plant, and become a living reminder of your brand.

Choose your plantable calendar and personalize it with the image of your company

We have two models of seeded calendars, which you can personalize as you wish to create your promotional Christmas gift. Adapt the design to the image of your company and the message you want to communicate this year.

Both the Box Calendar and the Triangular Calendar models have the months printed on plantable paper with different seeds. In addition to the packaging, you can personalize each month with full colour printing.

‘The calendar that will fill your company with plants Every month, a life!’

The plantable calendar that will fill your company with plants.

Every month, a life!’

The Seeds for your Plantable Calendar

All seeds available!

In our sustainable calendar we include all the organic papers with seeds that we have available. Each month will be printed with a different seed: tomato, chamomile, carrot, wild flowers and celosia.






Wild Flowers





Characteristics: Sheedo plantable calendar

“Every month a new plant you get to watch grow!”

Two calendar models


  • Packaging: to choose between brown kraft 300g and white offset 300g.
  • Inside: 12 sheets of plantable paper with tomato, camomile, carrot, wildflower and celosia seeds.
  • Personalization: outer side of the box and months on 1 side (4/0).



  • Packaging: 300g kraft paper.
  • Inside: cotton paper cover + 6 sheets of plantable paper with tomato seeds, camomile, carrot, wild flowers and celosia.
  • Personalization: cover and months printed on 2 sides (4/4).
calendario estuche
calendario sheedo

Why is the Sheedo plantable calendar so successful?

                                                                                                                          The calendar is one of Sheedo’s oldest products. From the very beginning, everyone fell in love with the idea of planting each past month, as a symbol of remembrance of all the experiences lived and all the lessons learned.
It is a way to leave the past behind and give it a second life, the life of a plant.

Therefore, the calendar is a detail that makes anyone who receives it very excited. Not only is it a practical gift, but it is also beautiful, decorates the desk and reconnects you with nature, every time a new month passes.

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