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Eco-friendly promotional gifts and Seed Paper for companies

We are experts in turning your marketing campaigns into the most sustainable ones. Choose our unique plantable Seed Paper, eco-friendly merchandising and our personalized business gifts!

Customer Care

We are committed to maintaining constant communication from the moment you place your order online. We are available by phone and email to promptly address your inquiries and suggestions with personalized attention.

Express Production

Sheedo’s production times are industry-leading. Our standard deadlines are 6 working days + 48-hour shipping, but with the option of express production in just 3 working days plus shipping, we are able to create your sustainable promotional items.

Originality and Sustainability

We take pride in creating 100% original and sustainable products that you won’t find on other promotional product pages. We are committed to innovation and environmental sustainability at every step of our production process.

Discover all of our sustainable gifts

With our seed paper and plantable merchandising you can give the gift of nature and surprise your customers.

gorra con logo beige modelo chica fondo beige

Custom Baseball Cap 100% Cotton

From 3,02 €

tarjeta de visita papel con semillas 4/0

Seed Paper Business Card

From 0,11 €

Lápiz con semillas personalizado con blister kraft

Plantable Seed Pencil

From 0,59 €

Lanyards rpet doble mosquetón personalizados con logo fondo beige

Eco-Friendly Lanyard

From 0,22 €

Companies that chose our Seed Paper and eco-friendly merchandising

Sustainable companies that have planted our seeds


Discover new ideas for your company’s Welcome Pack!

plantable seed paper

Seed paper to plant and

to communicate

Use our seed paper to communicate your message in an original and fun way. Give your employees and customers the opportunity to discover a different experience.

sustainable business gifts

Sustainable and high

quality promotional gifts

In addition to seed paper, we have a range of sustainable, original and of course, high quality corporate gifts.

ecological merchandising

Green Merchandising,

Design and Innovation

We create eco friendly corporate gifts without forgetting about your design. A different kind of green merchandising, with a positive impact on the environment and on your customers.

ecological business gifts

Personalized eco-

friendly corporate gifts

All of our ecological promotional gifts are customizable. We create original and unique gifts for each company and project.

All of our eco-friendly promotional gifts bring nature to life!

Plantable, customizable, original and sustainable business gifts

Everything about

our sustainable business gifts and Seed Paper


Why should you chose to offer sustainable business gifts?

We all like to receive presents. Offering corporate gifts to your clients or employees is always appreciated!

Here at Sheedo Studio, we are revolutionizing the green merchandising sector. We are doing so by offering an original alternative to the usual promotional gift: with seed paper that grows and an eco-friendly version of the corporate gift. We inspire companies and people to give away seeds instead of polluting disposable objects. 

What is there to take into account when offering seeds?

The seeds! This is what makes us different. Our promotional gifts are not only sustainable, they can also be planted! After use, they create life instead of polluting.  With seed paper, you also have to take into account that the seeds make the plantable paper a bit uneven. This slightly affects the print: faint colors or very small text may be compromised. But don’t worry, our Customer Service Team will advise you on the design, and we will be checking everything before printing.  With our plantable seeded paper as with all other seeded corporate gifts, you have to bear in mind that they are living products. The germination results will always depend on the care, the weather and the season of the year in which you chose to plant them. We explain how to plant the seed paper and the rest of our eco-friendly products at

So, what’s the difference with non-sustainable merchandising?

Well, behind every single one of our plantable promotional gifts, there is a philosophy. We firmly believe that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity. What makes our seed paper and eco-friendly corporate gifts different is that they are TRULY sustainable!

We use recycled and wasted materials from different industries and we create environmentally friendly and green merchandising gifts. Sustainability is in our DNA! We go from product design to manufacturing to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. 

We are the first ever seed paper and merchandising company in Spain to be B Corp certified. This guarantees that we meet the highest standards of environmental and social impact. And of course, our products are particularly cool, and leave no one indifferent. 

What about delivery times?

When you create a promotional gift with us, not only do you buy sustainability, but you also buy quality, craftsmanship and social impact. Our seed paper is made by people, and our sustainable corporate gifts are handled in centers for people with disabilities. Our usual delivery times are 9-14 working days, but may vary depending on workload. To make sure your gift arrives on time and your campaign is a true success, please contact us for exact delivery times.

Can I choose the seeds for my promotional gift?

Our products offer different varieties of seeds to choose from. We mainly work with vegetable, aromatic and flower seeds. Check out the different seeds available for our seed paper, plantable sweets, planting kits and the rest of our eco-friendly promotional gifts. The seed paper cannot be made with other varieties of seeds than the standard ones, for production reasons. For other plantable gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us for seed customization. We will try to find a solution to your needs, to create your corporate gift with the most suitable seeds for your project.

Can I create and personalize my corporate gift?

Of course! All of out plantable gifts are customizable and we adapt to each client, because each project is different! To personalize you eco-friendly promotional gift with you design, follow the steps below:  1. Download our online catalogue. 2. Choose the product you need and download its digital template. 3. Add your design to our template. 4. Ask our customer service team for a quotation for your corporate gift and attach your design if you have one.

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