How to recycle advertising billboards

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Recycling advertising billboards is an increasingly common practice these days, and for good reason. These banners, which previously ended up in landfills, can be recycled and reused to create new, useful products. By recycling advertising banners, you not only reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, but you also save energy and avoid extracting new resources.

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Do you have banners and don’t know what to do with them? Tips and ideas to recycle advertising banners.

At Sheedo we are on a mission to give waste a second life and we want to help you make it yours too. We all know that the excessive use of single-use plastics has become a global environmental problem. These plastics, such as bags, bottles, wrapping, or advertising banners, are discarded after their first use, resulting in the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment. These take centuries to decompose and often end up in the oceans and other natural ecosystems, causing serious damage to wildlife.

It is indeed as serious as it sounds, but fortunately there are already many companies that are contributing to change this situation. You too can join the change!

If your company has banners that you would like to recycle, we propose two options: 

  1. You donate the banners to us without any commitment or cost so that Sheedo can turn them into new products. 
  2. You donate the banners and we create customized products for you. You tell us the size of the banner and the product you would like to obtain from it. After a brief study, we indicate the products that can be made from your banner and you decide how many you want to buy.

How is our process for recycling advertising banners?

We have designed a banner recycling process based on different phases:

PHASE 1: Receipt of the banner

The banners we use for our products are donated by our customers and collaborators. Despite the fact that they are advertising brands, we avoid logos and brands appearing on the final product, unless the client who owns the banner asks us to do otherwise.

PHASE 2: Cutting and washing

Once we have the banners, we have the most complicated task: cutting and washing them. Advertising banners are usually very large and, therefore, very heavy. It is a complicated material to handle and transport, but there is no obstacle that can stop us. Once we manage to cut the banners into small pieces, we clean them to remove the surface dirt caused by being exposed to the elements. It is important to clarify that the banners may still have black stains caused by the scaffolding, as they are very difficult to remove. 

PHASE 3: Design and manufacture

We have created simple, elegant and functional patterns in order to recycle the banners and transform them into quality products with a long useful life ahead of them. 

The result is fascinating: each product is completely unique, as each piece of banner used is unique and unrepeatable. 


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STAGE 4: Personalization

The result of this whole process are four products designed to be given as corporate promotional gifts for everyday use. The tote bags, computer cases, pencil cases and card holders can be personalized by means of one-color silk-screen printing, with the company’s logo or the message to be transmitted. 

In conclusion, recycling advertising banners is an effective way to reduce the environmental impact and prolong the useful life of these materials. Thanks to you and all the people who collaborate in this process, we manage to create new useful products and protect our planet at the same time.

Discover the projects we have developed after recycling advertising banners

Recycling advertising banners is an eco-friendly practice that offers multiple opportunities and benefits, which is why several clients have already opted for it. 

Likewise, recycling banners can also be an opportunity to promote creativity and innovation, since unique and original designs can be created. Recycling banners is an effective way to contribute to the care of the environment, promote sustainability and give life to new ideas and products!

That’s exactly what our pioneering customers thought when they chose our tote bags and computer cases. Discover the projects and ingenious marketing campaigns behind these products.

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