Why choose promotional products with seeds?

We have revolutionized the industry and promotional products with seeds: We have replaced products that we use and throw away, with ones that we can use and plant.
We are a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of promotional products with seeds and we help companies to create a 100% sustainable and environmentally-friendly communication.
como plantar regalo empresa earth pill

Top 3 of our best seller promotional products with seeds


Earth Pill

Earth Pill

Biodegradable pill containing seeds. 
The Earth Pill is the ideal promotional gift with seeds if you are looking for a small yet meaningful gift for your customers or employees.
From 0,27€


Kit plantable de fibra de coco

Coconut Fiber Planting Kit

Kit with pot, seeds and soil
This coconut fiber planting kit includes everything you need to plant the seed of change. 
From 0,57€



Plantable Seed Pencil

Recycled paper pencil containing seeds
A lifelong corporate gift, but sustainable and plantable.
From 0,31€

More promotional products with seeds

Kit plantable de barro

Clay Planting Kit

Kit with pot, seeds and soil
This coconut fiber planting kit includes everything you need to plant the seed of change. 
From 0,78€

Bombon plantable monodosis

Seed Bomb 

Soil, clay and seed bomb
This Seed Bomb is the ideal plantable corporate gift if you are looking to surprise your customers.
From 0,56€

Bombon Box 4 semillas

Seed Bomb Box

Box of 4 different seed bombs
Offer a box of plantable Seed Bombs! They are made of 4 different seeds so you start your very own garden at home.
From 2,85€

Cuaderno plantable tapa blanda

Eco-friendly notebook

Soft cover notebook with seed paper page
The most resquested merchandise product now sustainable and plantable
From 1,50€

Cuadernillo ecológico plantable tapa semillas

Plantable booklet

Thin booklet with staple-bound seed paper cover
The most requested merchandising product, now sustainable and plantable.
From 0,82€

planta de aire regalo empresa

Air Plant 

Living plant with aluminum stand
Premium and eco-friendly corporate gift
From 4,48€

Calendario plantable estuche

Plantable Box Calendar

Calendar with 12 A6 pages
New month, new start! The most requested plantable corporate gift.
From 2,22€

Calendario plantable triangular

Triangular Plantable Calendar

Calendar with 6 A6 months printed both 6 sides
New month, new start! The most requested plantable corporate gift.
From 2,19€

Posavasos de cartón con semillas

Seed Paper Coaster

            Plantable custom coasters in recycled.                  When the coaster has served its purpose, plant it! 
From 2,19€

“Caring for our planet together so that we can it help it have a thousand more LIVES.”

Why to bet on promotional products with seeds?

Sustainable promotional products with seeds

Step by step, seed by seed.

At Sheedo Studio, we do not just offer corporate gifts, we bet on  promotional products with seeds that are innovative and environmentally-friendly. We are one of the few companies in Spain in the sector where big brands have trusted us to surprise their customers or employees.

 And as proof, take a look at our portfolio! Although many remain in our memories, we share with you some of these promotional products with seeds projects that we remember with particular care. 

All of these projects have been an opportunity for brands to demonstrate to their community their strong environmental values and  willingness to join the movement towards a sustainable world. For us, it has meant the possibility to continue growing, and to be here today, grateful to tell the story.

papel ecologico de vaqueros

The most sustainable companies bet on Sheedo Studio’s promotional gifts with seeds

We have worked long and hard over the years to improve and revolutionize this sector, and we are proud to see more and more companies joining us and participating in the change and hope to improve things.

Our job is to walk hand in hand and accompany these companies in their eco transition. We focus on helping them to be more sustainable in their marketing campaigns, through our promotional products with seeds.   

We consider every project, big or small, as a success; as a tree that we have stopped from being cut down; or as a new life that we have managed to create, with the seeds contained in our gifts.


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