Welcome Pack

Receiving a welcome pack when starting at a new company demonstrates that the company cares about its employees and is willing to invest in their well-being from the outset. This can help create a positive impression and establish a trusting relationship from the start.

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Welcome Pack BASIC

Welcome Pack BASIC

Cardboard box, Plantable notebook, Plantable pen, Sowing kit, Plantable paper A6 card

From 6,48€

Welcome pack START UP

Welcome Pack START UP

Cardboard box, Plantable notebook, Plantable pen, Sowing kit, Plantable paper A6 card, Ceramic mug

From 8,36€

welcome pack business


Cardboard box, Plantable notebook, Plantable pen, Plantable paper A6 card, Pilatus Eco Bag backpack

From 41,71€

Welcome Pack BASIC

COMPANY Welcome Pack

Cardboard box, recycled canvas case, plantable calendar, planting kit, and A6 plantable paper card.

From 7.90 €

Welcome pack START UP

EMPLOYEE Welcome Pack

Cardboard box, plantable notebook, recycled aluminum bottle, handmade soap, A6 plantable paper card

From 11.90 €

welcome pack business

Welcome Pack for REMOTE workers

Cardboard box, plantable notebook, plantable pencil, recycled canvas laptop case and sleeve, and A6 plantable paper card

From 11.90 €

welcome pack business

Corporate Event Kit

Recycled billboard bag, Plantable notebook, Recycled Bottle, Seed Pen, A6 seed paper card

From 12,00

pack basic

Sustainability Starter Kit

Recycled billboard bag, Eco-friendly notebook, Wildflower seed bomb, Handmade soap, A6 seed paper flyer

From 8,98

welcome pack business

Conference Merchandise Kit

Recycled billboard bag, Badge holder, A6 plantable badge, Recycled cotton lanyard, Plantable notebook

From 7,20 €

Do you want to customize your Welcome Pack?

Choose from these products and write to us to request a personalized quote. Welcome packs can be a way to convey the culture and values of the company to the new employee. By including elements that reflect the company’s identity, such as eco-friendly products or messages related to corporate social responsibility, it can help align the new employee with the organization’s vision and goals.

cuaderno con semillas tapa blanca


The eco-friendly notebook is an essential gift for the welcome pack, as it will be an object that will accompany the new team member in meetings and daily events that he/she will have to attend. With a personalized cover and a seed paper insert inside, it will be the means he will use to write down all the relevant information that happens during his learning period. 



regalos de empresa ecologicos


We always wonder what to offer at a meeting, in addition to the classic badges for attendees. The plantable pencil, made from recycled paper, is the complement you need to add to your welcome pack to attend any event, since there will always be an important detail to write down and information that you don’t want to forget, especially your company logo! 😉



Plants are most asked gifts when preparing a welcome pack nowadays, as they bring life and a touch of color and freshness. The succulent plant is sent in an FSC certified cardboard box and includes a customizable label with your corporate image.



Bombon monodosis kraft


The Seed Bomb is a product made with soil and clay, containing seeds inside. A handmade gift presented in an original and dynamic format.  Add a totally personalized explosive touch to your corporate welcome pack, to represent your brand.



Customized mugs with the logo of your company are the perfect gift to complete a welcome pack. Handcrafted by a master potter, this gift designed for companies is ready to be presented and given inside an FSC certified box.

Tarjeta plantable A5


Our Seed Paper is Sheedo’s star product. Made from recycled cotton and seeds, you can synthesize the information you want to communicate in your welcome pack. You will have the opportunity to choose between the different sizes we have available, selecting the one that best suits your brand, also available in our recycled paper range!



 What is a Welcome Pack?

A Welcome Pack is a welcome gift that companies give to their new employees on the first day of work.


How to choose a Welcome Pack and what is its purpose?

Thanks to this welcome pack, the new employee will feel like he is part of the team from the very first moments, since the gifts inside are usually customized with the company’s brand.

Similarly, welcome packs are usually given to customers and employees at events. During training sessions, conferences or integration days, participants are usually offered a gift to keep a good memory of that special day. It’s also a dynamic and original way to promote your brand and make a positive first impression.

In the picture on the left is a welcome pack we made for a BMW car dealer in France. The goal was to distribute them to its employees and partners during the launch of the new BMWi electric car. The welcome pack contained an A5 diptych made of Seed Paper, two flyers made of recycled waste paper and a Coconut Fiber Planting Kit.

Everyone went home with a beautiful souvenir of the event, and original products that allowed them to plant their own seeds. A memory they were able to grow from home. Our client decided to customize every element, including the cardboard box, so that the brand would be present at all times.


What does a customized Welcome Pack communicate?

One of the most important aspects when it comes to motivating a team is to foster a good working environment.

Creating a welcome pack for your company will not only be a gift for your employees, customers and partners, but will also help to generate a positive impact in the working environment.

This way, we communicate our identity as a company, conveying our vision, value and mission in a unique and positive way. 

When creating your welcome pack, you should bare in mind the  following questions:  

– Who is it for?

– What do I want to achieve with this welcome pack?

– What values do I want to convey with this welcome pack?

– How can I reflect on my company through this welcome pack?

If you are looking to convey humanity, proximity and respect for the environment, don’t forget to include our handmade mug and our succulent plant.

welcome pack empresa

Some of the benefits of customized welcome packs are:


  • Increasing the team’s sense of belonging and adaptation
  • Improving the perception of your brand image
  • Reflecting the ethics and philosophy of your company
  • The promotion of a good internal communication
  • Giving visibility to your brand
  • Communicate trust, sensitivity and transparency
  • Adding value to your services

The welcome pack is a small detail that will bring many benefits! Moreover, as your employees don’t expect anything, every thought and detail will be a real surprise. They will be very grateful to you. The first day of work is the most important one. They will leave happy and share their experience with their loved ones by showing them their nice gifts. If you also choose to give a plantable gift, they will probably plant it with their friends or family and keep the memory at home.

Create your eco-friendly Welcome Pack

At Sheedo, we collaborate daily with our customers to recommend the products that best fit your needs, to create together a welcome pack that suits your company.

We provide you with advice so that you can choose the products, give meaning to your initiative and customize the design that you like the most.

We analyze, review and adapt any element that needs to be adjusted, to develop a fully customized welcome pack that represents you as a brand.

We will respond to your message in:


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