Kraft paper

The “Kraft Jute” paper is an ecological paper made from jute waste. It is a long, soft fiber of natural origin that is used to make many fabrics, the best known of which are bags.

Kraft Jute

Material: 80% recycled jute, 20% white cotton

Maximum sheet size: 50 x 70 cm

Color: brown

Weight: 300 g (may have variations)

Printing: digital and offset

What is kraft paper?

Jute kraft paper is a recycled paper made from cotton waste from the textile industry and jute fibers.

For one, jute is a biodegradable material made from plants, which makes it a completely environmentally friendly paper. On the other hand, by rescuing cotton waste from the textile industry, we are avoiding large masses of pollution in the air we breathe and at the same time we are giving them a second life. 

By combining both materials, we obtain a recycled kraft paper that is completely ecological, perfect for printing, easy to handle and also completely original and different. The latter is thanks to the jute fibers that draw different unique patterns in each production…you won’t find two identical pieces of jute kraft paper!

What can be printed with kraft paper?

There are different products that can be printed with kraft jute paper such as:

  • Business cards: these are perfect for creating a new opportunity with a potential client and to publicize the services offered by your company.
  • A7 and A6 accreditation cards: these cards are ideal for event accreditations. On them you can print the names of those attending the event and at the same time communicate your sustainable business values.
  • Original bookmarks: this paper is ideal for making bookmarks as it has the perfect thickness that makes it firm, resistant and practical.
  • A5 cards: perfect for invitations, letters and product promotions.
  • Eco-Friendly labels: another very good option, especially for clothing stores, is to use it for ecological labels. They stand out on the garments and project your commitment to the environment to the customer.
1 cara lemon etiqueta eco 1

Eco-Friendly Tags

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Tarjetas de visita ecológicas

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

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A5 Eco-Friendly Card

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Advantages of purchasing kraft paper:

Environment responsibility: by using this type of paper you are contributing to the care of the planet since the environment is not damaged in any part of the paper manufacturing process, it will also help you to project your values as an eco-friendly company.

Exclusivity: the originality of this paper will make you stand out from the competition.

Originality: going unnoticed is not the same as making a difference and being remembered, this paper is perfect for impactful merchandising.

Handling: this jute kraft paper is flexible and resistant, which makes it easy to handle and adaptable to any design.

Facts about the jute material from which kraft paper is made

  1. Jute is the second most widely used natural fiber material after cotton. This is because jute fiber is stronger, so it is used to manufacture a wide range of products, from clothing to decorative items.


  1. Jute is a natural and non-toxic material, so it is used to manufacture products such as food and medicines. This makes it a safe and healthy material to use, and it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to synthetic materials.


  1. It is a very strong and water resistant material. This means that products made with this material can withstand changing weather without warping, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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