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Plantable seeded paper printing is very versatile and supports any format and design you want to give it. Choose the size of seeded paper that best suits your campaign and customize the design yourself from our online editor. In our website you will discover different formats of plantable paper, to suit your sustainable communication campaign.

como plantar papel con semillas
Flyer plantable A6

A6 Seed Paper Flyer

From 0,27€

tarjeta de visita papel con semillas 4/4

Seed Paper Business Card

From 0,10€

marcapaginas papel semilla 4/0

Seed Paper Bookmark

From 0,15€

Tarjeta plantable DL

DL Seed Paper Card

From 0,33€

A5 papel semillas

A5 Seed Paper Card

From 0,52€

tarjeta cuadrada cara B papel semillas

Square Seed Paper Card

From 0,33€

Acreditacion A6 4/0

A6 Seed Paper Badges

From 0,29€

Acreditaciones plantables A7

A7 Seed Paper Badges

From 0,16€

A7 papel semillas 4/0

A7 Seed Paper Card

From 0,19€

posavasos papel semilla 4/0

Seed Paper Coaster

From 0,20€

Posavasos de cartón con semillas

Cardboard Coaster

From 0,37€

A4 papel semilla 4/0

A4 Seed Paper Card

From 0,95€

etiqueta plantable sheedo

Seed Paper Tag

From 0,10€

Diptico A5 papel semillas

A5 Seed Paper diptych

From 0,97€

Marchamos para etiquetas

Hang tag string for labels

From 0,04€ / ud

Complemento flyer A6

Kraft Card Holder

From 0,37€

diptico a6 papel semillas portada

A6 Seed Paper diptych

From 0,54€

Complemento marcapáginas

Kraft Bookmark Holder

From 0,22€

How to plant plantable paper in 3



Place the paper on a plate and cover it with water.


It can’t dry out! If it dries out, it will not germinate again.


When a few sprouts have grown, transplant the paper into a pot filled
with soil.

Paper seeds

Choose the one you like the most!

At the time of purchase, you can choose between five types of seeds: chamomile, alyssum flower, wild flowers, tomato and carrot. Each seed is
different to the touch: the larger the seed, the more textured and noticeable it is.




Alyssum flower


Wild Flowers





Plantable paper is a revolution in the green and sustainable stationery industry

Sheedo is the paper revolution! The plantable paper we have created has seeds in its composition and is 100% sustainable. Once used, you can plant it and give it a second life.

Your seeded paper will become a plant to take care of every day – we’ve replaced throw-away paper with use-and-plant paper!

We adapt to your design to customize your printed seed paper cards.

With our plantable paper cards for companies, you will be able to communicate the sustainable values of your brand in a different and original

You can customize the seed paper as you wish, to suit your communicationcampaigns, your products or your sustainable marketing actions.

‘’We dreamed of a piece of paper that turned into a plant and from so much
dreaming, we made it come true!’’

Characteristics of plantable paper

A handmade paper: with seeds and without chemicals.

Material and Texture

The texture of our seeded paper transports us to the paper mill where it was born. It is soft to the touch and porous, and even gives off a floral aroma when in the hands of the artisans. The paper is made from residual cotton from the textile industry. Therefore, we do not cut down trees for its manufacture. Nor do we use toxic chemicals during the production process to bleach it.


All our plantable paper has an approximate grammage of 250gr/m2. It is rigid enough to print business cards, labels, flyers or promotional cards. As it is produced by hand, one by one, the weight of the paper may vary slightly from one sheet to another.


Our paper contains no bleaching chemicals, and as a result the color of the seeded paper is off-white.

Tarjeton kraft sostenible para papel semillas

Complete your paper order with seeds

The Kraft Card Holder will protect your plantable card and give it a more premium touch.

Kraft holder

Looking for an original and sustainable way to deliver your plantable flyer, we offer you this “zero waste” card that turns into a flower pot! Once received, the person will be able to fold the card, turn it into a “flowerpot” and plant the paper directly on the support.

Paper and weight

The paper of the card is 300gr Kraftliner and contains some slits and cuts to be able to frame the paper. You can customize the card on both sides and in color.

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Kraft Bookmark Holder

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