Planting Kit

A sustainable corporate gift

Discover the different planting kits made by Sheedo Studio

Customize your own planting kit to create a unique corporate gift

With Sheedo Studio you can customize the packaging of our seed gift kits yourself. Choose the seed, the type of pot and customize the design of the planting kit from our ONLINE EDITOR.

como plantar el kit de siembra
Kit plantable de barro

Clay Planting Kit

From 1,42€

Kit plantable de fibra de coco

Coconut Fiber Planting Kit

From 0,60€

How to use the Planting Kit?

kit de siembra

Moisten the soil pellet and pour the seeds from the kit into a pot.


Place the pot in the sun and water it everyday with love and kindness.


In a weeks time you will see the first sprouts appear.

Planting kit to gift

The kit is one of the most popular green promotional gifts that companies ask us to have a sustainable detail with their customers. In addition to being an original corporate gift, the seed kit is a way to communicate your sustainable values and create life.

Surprise your customers with the kit, and encourage them to sow their growing kit at home; and to take care of their plant, and your brand!

Customize your planting kit with your logo! 

Like all our products, this planting kit is fully customizable to your brand image. Thanks to our templates and our ONLINE EDITOR, you can customize the design of all the packaging yourself.

With this sustainable corporate gift, we help you communicate your message, spread your social responsibility values and your positive impact on the environment.

“we revolutionize the world of corporate gifts with plantable and ecological alternatives such as the planting kit“.

Seeds of the gift planting kit

Choose the seed you like the most!

While ordering, you will be able to choose between four types of seeds: basil, tomato, mustard and wild flowers. Choose the seed that suits best the gift you want to make.








Wild Flowers

Plating Kit characteristics

A sustainable corporate gift with your brand image

Sustainable Pots:                                                                        


The clay pot planting kits are perfect for water drainage and to ensure that your plant is always hydrated. It will also protect the roots of your plant, unlike plastic pots that are less convenient (and less sustainable). In situations with bad weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, plants can suffer from frost or drought. The clay pot protects them and becomes the best option for your outdoor plants.


On the other hand, we have the COCONUT FIBER pots. They are biodegradable and ideal for planting directly in the soil. This way, damage to the plant can be avoided, because it won’t have to be transplanted once it has grown! Another advantage of the coconut fiber pot is that it is very light and cannot break during transport.


What is included in the planting kit?

In addition to the pot and your customized packaging, inside the kit you will find a recycled envelope with 10 to 20 seeds inside of it, sealed with a sticker. The kit also includes a dehydrated soil tablet.

If you want your planting kit to be even more protected, add this cardboard box to your order. It is designed to perfectly fit the plating kit. You can personalize it with a sticker that you can also which design thanks to our ONLINE EDITOR.

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