Plantable Seed Pencils

for your company

A plantable seed pencil with 6 different seeds to choose from

Our eco-friendly pencils, just like the rest of our products, can also be planted! Once you have consumed the pencil, you can plant the top end where the seeds are patiently waiting. Our plantable seed pencil will germinate and you’ll have a new plant to care for at home. 

With these plantable seed pencils, we continue to make it possible for companies to bring nature closer to their customers, though ecological, innovative and creative merchandising. 

Customizable, eco-friendly and plantable pencils

Personalized seed pencils are the perfect way to communicate your commitment to your employees, customers or to the people attending one of your events. The packaging (kraft or white) can be customized with the design of your choice through our online editor.

We help companies think about eco-friendly options for their promotional gifts. This is one of the reasons why we created this 100% sustainable alternative to the polluting plastic pen.

“The sustainable, environmentally friendly and ultimate alternative

to old fashioned plastic pens!”

How to plant the Plantable Seed

Pencil in 3 steps:

plantar lapiz con semillas 1

Insert the end of the pencil into a pot filled with soil.

plantar lapiz con semillas 2

Place the pot in the sun and water it everyday with love and kindness.

plantar lapiz con semillas 3

In about 10 days you will see your first sprouts appear.

Six pencils to choose from

One color, one seed

This means you can choose your pencil for its color, or for the seed it contains. Each color corresponds to a different seed… find out what they are!

plantable pencils

Seed Pencils

From 0,31€

Plantable seed pencil seeds

Choose yours!

When ordering, you will be able to choose from six types of seeds to insert in your plantable pencil.


Wild Flowers

Blue pencil

lapiz semillas albahaca


White pencil

lapiz semillas mostaza


Yellow pencil

lapiz semillas tomate


Red pencil



Black pencil



Green pencil

Plantable Seed Pencil characteristics

100% recycled, recyclable and plantable

With recycled and biodegradable materials

All of the products we use to produce our plantable seed pencils, are environmentally friendly ans also avoid the generation of polluting waste. 

Pencil: recycled newspaper, seeds and biodegradable rice starch capsule.

Packaging support: 300g FSC certified paper.


Personalized printing

All our pencils can be customized to your brand image and values. This is why we include a kraft or white colored blister, where you can print the design you desire in full color and on both sides. 

plantable pencil

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