Recycled Envelopes

Send your cards in the most sustainable way possible

Types of Recycled Envelopes

Some of Sheedo’s recycled envelopes are made from 100% recycled kraft paper. These recycled envelopes are brown and may contain small spots that indicate their recycled origin. In our online shop, you will find different types of envelopes made from recycled paper: different sized kraft paper envelopes (C6, C5, Square and DL), and the white translucent envelope made from vegetable paper. We have a variety of recycled envelopes that allow you to offer personalized and diversified gifts to your clients and partners.

Sobre kraft C6

C6 Kraft Envelope

From 0,13€

Sobre kraft C5

C5 Kraft Envelope

From 0,24€

Sobre kraft cuadrado

Square Kraft Envelope

From 0,14€

Sobre kraft DL

DL Kraft Envelope

From 0,14€

Sobre translúcido C6

C6 Transparent Envelope

From 0,72€

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We combine sustainability, innovation and elegance to create these recycled envelopes that care for the planet.

Your Seed Paper cards, wrapped in an recycled envelopes

Recycled envelopes are the perfect addition to your sustainable Seed Paper card order. All companies looking to minimize their impact on the environment, choose recycled envelopes as a first choice for their sustainable merchandising campaigns, and gifts. 

“If you care about the environment, do your bit with eco-friendly envelopes.”

Why chose recycled envelopes

The versatility of recycled envelopes 

The differents features of kraft envelopes 

Sustainable kraft envelopes are the best way to send your cards. It is eco-friendly, easy and has a very low carbon footprint. 

Plus, the recycled aesthetic of the recycled envelopes will allow the client to immediately associate your brand with its environmental values. 

The kraft paper of these recycled envelopes is easily recyclable in the correct bin, and can therefore be reprocessed to produce new paper. 

The recycling process for the kraft paper our recycled envelopes is as follows: 

  1. The paper is collected in the bins
  2. It is sorted according to paper type and separated from non-paper materials such as plastics
  3. It is shredded 
  4. And finally, it’s compacted to create new sheets of paper to produce. For example, our recycled envelopes. 
sobres-ecologicos kraft

Can recycled envelopes be customized?

When ordering our recycled envelopes, you must first make sure that you choose the right envelope size. For the A6 card (10.5×14.8 cm), you should choose the recycled C6 kraft or translucent envelope of 11.4×16.2 cm. For the A5 card, the correct recycled envelope size would be the C5 which measures 16.2×22.9cm. If you have chosen a 14.5 x 14.5 cm square card, you should choose the kraft and square recyclable envelope (15.5 x 15.5 cm). Finally, if you chose the DL cards (21 x 10 cm), the corresponding recycled envelope would also be the DL (22 x 11 cm).

The recycled envelopes can be personalized via the online store, with our online editor, on the smooth side opposite to the flap, where a margin of 2 cm must be left on each side.


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