Eco-Friendly Business Card

Eco-friendly paper: recycled textile cotton mixed with waste.
Paper types: 8 different types of eco-friendly paper.
Weight: 300g. Size: 8.5 x 5.5cm

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You can customize your order with your design and paper of your choice. The unit price is on a sliding scale and will be updated according to the total number of units in the cart.
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Eco Friendly Cards for Sustainable Brands

How is our Eco Paper made?

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Product features

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Materials: Sheedo Papers, 100% natural and made from textile and agricultural residues. More information.
Weight : 300g or 125g for the White Cotton 125 paper.
Printing options : 4 colors // single sided or double sided
Colors and paper types :
White Cotton 300 /125 and Laid 300 : Natural white
Jute 300 : White with brown threads
Coffee 300 : White/grey with small black dots
Corn 300 : Cream
Lemongrass 300 : Brown
Jeans 300 : Blue

Customization : you can personalize your order with different designs and paper. The unit price will be updated progressively according to the total number of units in the cart. The choice of the printing color does not influence the price. If you want to make several designs, please group them in one PDF file.

Minimum order: 50 units
Unit weight : 0,001kg

Delivery times

Nos délais de livraison pour l’Europe sont les suivants :
50 – 3000: 3 days de production production + 2 days de transport
+ 3000: 5 days de production production + 2 daysde transport


La production commencera à partir du moment où nous recevrons le fichier graphique final ainsi que le paiement ou la preuve de paiement de la commande, avant 14h de ce jour. Autrement, le premier jour de production commencera le jour suivant.

Veuillez consulter les délais de production pour les commandes de plus de 5 000 unités.

If you want a design on a non-standard card or a die cut of a specific shape, please ask for a quote at
with all the details of your project.

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What is our recycled waste paper like?

With Sheedo’s eco-friendly paper, you can create the most sustainable communication campaign ever. The merchandising industry is one of the most polluting industries due to single-use products. Together we can put an end to this by using recycled materials and taking care of every detail of the packaging.
All our papers are handmade from reused T-shirts and other organic waste. Surprise your customers and make their experience 100% sustainable.

Customizable and sustainable paper

The eco-friendly paper is made exclusively from white cotton scraps, which we recover from the textile industry, as well as from organic waste.

First of all, we select the used white textile waste that will be thrown away, because it will not be recycled. We recover them and save them by giving them a second life. We transform T-shirts into 100% cotton eco-friendly paper, suitable for any type of printing, both digital and offset.

This way, we obtain a sustainable paper, without having to cut down a single tree or use chemical bleaching. The result is an elegant paper, with a smooth, handmade finish, on which printing has no limits.

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Customize your eco-friendly Business Cards


How does it work?

At checkout, select whether you want single-sided or double-sided printing, and choose the orientation of your design: horizontal or vertical.

Tell us which recycled paper you prefer to communicate your message on! You can choose between: Coffee, Jeans, Corn, Jute, White Cotton…

Personalize your eco-friendly business card with the design of your choice. With the DOWNLOAD YOUR DESIGN option, you can download the editable template and attach it when ready. With the DESIGN ONLINE option, you can customize it directly from our online editor.

How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail