Custom Tote Bags

This eco-friendly bag will make you the center of attention at your next event.

White billboard bag

An original and eye-catching bag with the colored design on the outside. The inside is white.

bolsa ecologica

 Colored billboard bag

We flip the banner over and create a uniform and elegant bag with the colored design on the inside. 

Tote bag reciclada

We created our first eco-friendly tote bag with a B Corp billboard

The B Corp movement celebrated its sixth anniversary in style. With the help of all its B Corps and the main agents of change in the world of corporate sustainability, they are calling on citizens to join the movement and generate real change together. One of their marketing actions was a large billboard hanging in Gran Via, which communicates one of the messages of the campaign. At Sheedo, we wanted to help them go further and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give a second life to this banner… Find out how in this video.
bolsa de lona

Discover the new personalized eco-friendly tote bag

Our customized eco-friendly tote bag will mark a turning point in the world of sustainable merchandising. We are getting tired of seeing the typical cotton tote bags, because the reality is that they are not as sustainable as they seem. They contribute to the massive textile production that pollutes our planet. 

At Sheedo, we decided to come up with a different and innovative alternative. An eco-friendly tote bag created from billboard canvas.

We are in charge of collecting the billboards that dress our cities with ads for movies, concerts or products and we turn them into customizable eco-friendly tote bags, which can be screen printed with a logo or message. 


A billboard that becomes a personalized eco-friendly tote bag

This way, we are able to give a second life to plastic waste and create a unique and unrepeatable eco-friendly tote bag. The bag is made with billboard cut-outs, so from one bag to another, the design can completely change. 

If you want a more uniform bag, you can choose to turn them inside out, leaving the white part on the outside and the color and design of the billboards on the inside. 

This option allows you to respect your company colors during an event for example.


Circular economy as a 

fundamental pillar

At Sheedo we are committed to circular consumption and the eco-friendly tote bag we have designed is the living image of these values. The best way to achieve sustainability in our products is to design them in such a way that they are beautiful, elegant and eco-friendly. The goal is that the consumer enjoys using the eco-friendly tote bag while shopping or as a handbag in their daily life. That is the great advantage of using eco-friendly tote bags as they contribute to reducing the use of single-use plastic.
bolsa ecológica

Humanity present throughout the process

Like all of our products, we have chosen a local and solidary production to elaborate our eco-friendly tote bag. The production process has two fundamental steps: cutting and manufacturing. As you can see in this video, we cut and make the bags in organisms that promote and defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in the Community of Madrid. The other part of our production of personalized eco-friendly tote bag is made in a rural area by women who are passionate about sewing. They are responsible for the beautiful creations that end up in your hands and showing off in the markets. 



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