Corporate Christmas Gifts

Choose and customize your corporate christmas gifts

We have selected our clients favorite products and put them together in box. The perfect Christmas Kit to surprise your employees with eco-friendly presents that communicate your values and thank your team for the holidays.

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Corporate christmas gifts

We know that choosing corporate christmas gifts can become a complicated and tedious task, when in fact it should really be fun!

Custom Christmas Gift

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The ideal corporate christmas gifts

Surprise your employees and try to give them useful gifts that will make them happy and, at the same time, are in line with your company’s values. Giving corporate Christmas gifts, whether in a personal or professional setting, is a tradition that stays. Most companies do it without exception. Some choose the traditional food basket, others opt for gift cards, and many make the effort to go for innovative and eco-friendly products. The truth is that there aren’t many options for sustainable corporate Christmas gifts. That’s why Sheedo has created a festive pack, the Christmas Kit, that contains a selection of our best eco-friendly and plantable products!

Cutomize your corporate Christmas gifts

Each product in our Christmas Kit is fully customizable, as is the recycled cardboard box. For ease and speed, you can personalize the box, the notebook, the kit, the mug and the pencil, in one color screen printing. The seed paper Christmas card can be personalized in full color on both sides. You can write your best wishes for 2023 following with planting instructions.

The design of your different corporate Christmas gifts can vary: your logo, a festive or eco-friendly message, or a nice drawing.


“ The Christmas Kit that will win the hearts of all your employees ”


Fully customizable, they are ideal for conveying your brand image and values – the possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild and add a personal touch; the result will be a Christmas Kit full of gifts that will leave no one indifferent. 


 Don’t forget about the Seed Paper Christmas card!

Christmas gifts without a wish card would not have the same value. And as you already know, seed paper is the perfect choice for this purpose. Ask our team about the available designs for your greeting card! We offer classic, minimalist and modern designs.

Corporate Christmas gifts should contain a message or note to the whole company, to show closeness and humanity, and better if it is hand-signed!

The plantable Seed Pencil

In your corporate Christmas gifts, you can’t go without the plantable seed pencil, one of our star products. It is a very popular and useful gift because, who doesn’t need a pencil at hand? The fact that it can be planted is so amazing that people love to show and tell.

Your corporate pencil will go from being an unnoticed item to the center of attention. If your employees use it in meetings with clients, they will automatically project an engaged company image.



You can’t miss the eco-friendly notebook

Our soft cover notebook is made from 100% recycled materials. It is the perfect corporate Christmas gift because it is the most useful one. A notebook filled with blank pages just waiting for you to fill them out with creativity and imagination.

Together with the plantable seed pencil, they are the perfect combination of corporate Christmas gifts and will leave your employees speechless.

Personalize the cover with your personal touch, logo, or add a little something that represents your company.


A planting kit to decorate your home or office

Our planting kit with its biodegradable pot brings together all the elements you need to plant seeds from scratch. It contains a compact soil pellet that expands when wet and fills the pot with soil, and a small envelope  with wildflower seeds inside.

The pot is made from coconut fiber waste, which is great because it absorbs any remaining moisture and helps keep the soil cool. Pretty cool, right? 

You can customize your logo in one ink on the packaging strip that covers the kit. On the side, you’ll find planting instructions. The planting kit makes a fun corporate Christmas gift because you can plant them at home and share a fun time with your loved ones.


An eco-friendly mug for your cold winter days

The mug is one of the most requested presents. So if you’re thinking of offering it as a gift, make sure it’s eco-friendly! In the past year, ceramics and craftsmanship have become very trendy. Our mug is made by Spanish master potters and the result is a unique mug. The mug is the corporate Christmas gift that will accompany you during this festive season. Who doesn’t love a good coffee or hot chocolate?

Our eco-friendly mugs are made in Spain by master craftsmen. They are lacquered with paint and have gray flecks that have been hand sprinkled cup by cup, and you can personalize them by adding your logo or a small message for your employees

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