Laid paper

The “Cotton Laid” paper, a paper made in a sustainable way by recycling white cotton. Thanks to the handmade production of this paper, we obtain a laid texture that makes it very special.

Cotton Laid

Material: 100% white cotton
Maximum sheet size: 50 x 70 cm
Color: white                                                                                      Weight: 300 g (may have variations)
Printing: digital and offset

¿What is laid paper?

Laid paper is a paper with a distinctive texture formed by a grid of horizontal and vertical stripes with a slight relief. The original grid of laid paper was a consequence of the papermaking process.

laid paper is highly valued for its texture. As a printer’s paper, laid paper is valued not so much for its weight, stiffness, opacity or clogging rate, but for its texture and color. Laid paper is used in graphic design, advertising and printing. It is ideal for printing invitations, greeting cards, diplomas, training certificates, decorations, etc.

What can be printed on laid paper?

Today, the processes have been modernized. Now, the production of laid paper is done by imitating the finish through the insertion of a special watermark. This watermark is applied in the pressing and sheeting processes.

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Laid paper characteristics

Although it has a fragile appearance, laid paper is actually a strong paper, very resistant, and offers great quality and durability. The veins of laid paper give it a very special and elegant texture. It has a wide range of varieties. We opt for the ecological, biodegradable and recyclable ones.

Laid paper is an original and unique paper because its texture is unrepeatable. It is handmade by master paper artisans.

The sustainable value of this paper is 100%, as it is produced from textile waste. Specifically, the remaining white cotton from the textile industry is recycled and used as raw material.

Uses for laid paper

In the packaging world, this type of textured paper has been used for centuries in the production of reams used to wrap quality products such as soaps and perfumes.

In addition, we see it commonly used in:

  • Limited edition books
  • Envelopes and bags.
  • Cards or invitations for weddings and other events.
  • Official documents such as educational degrees, academic transcripts, certified documents, etc.
  • As support material in Fine Arts. In disciplines such as calligraphy, lettering and drawing, with dry and wet techniques.
  • High quality design bags.
  • In postage stamps.
  • Packaging of different sizes.
  • For handwriting support with a fountain pen.

Recycled laid paper: the most sustainable option

Like any other paper, laid paper can also be recycled. For that, it has to be manufactured with fibers recovered from other used papers.

From Sheedo Papers we encourage you to always choose the recycled laid paper option, as it is much more sustainable, and you will be contributing to the protection of our forests and the environment.

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