Eco-friendly Custom Mugs

Eco-friendly custom mugs, a unique corporate gift.

We present to you our personalized eco-friendly mugs, a useful, sustainable, and stylish corporate gift. Within our range, you’ll find a variety of styles, materials, and colors, so you can choose the mug that best fits your brand.

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Eco-friendly custom mug ‘CANDELA

From 3,44€


Personalized glass mug ‘LINA’

From 2,11 €


Coffee bioplastic mug ‘KOFI’

From 4,85 €


White custom mug ‘DALIA’

From 0,64 €


Beige custom mug ‘VANILLE

From 0,71 €


Black custom mug ‘IRIS’

From 0,74 €

Eco-friendly custom mugs made by and for people committed to the environment.

In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, eco-friendly promotional gifts are becoming a more sought-after option for companies and individuals alike.

Among these gifts, personalized eco-friendly mugs stand out for their practicality, originality, and commitment to the environment.

Made from biodegradable or recycled materials, eco-friendly mugs offer a sustainable alternative to useful and durable gifts. Furthermore, being customizable, they become a unique and special gift that will leave a lasting impression on the person who receives them.

At Sheedo Studio, we have decided to create a selection of mugs that are as eco-friendly as possible, both in terms of their materials and the manufacturing process behind them. Ceramic, glass, wood cellulose, coffee bioplastic are some of the materials you will find among our most eco-friendly personalized mugs.

If you want to know more about how we make our eco-friendly custom mugs, check out this post:


 Features of our eco-friendly custom mugs

How are our eco-friendly custom mugs made?

The manufacturing process of eco-friendly mugs aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

First, suitable materials are selected for each type of mug. For example, bamboo mugs are made from natural bamboo fibers, while wheat fiber mugs are made from the by-products of wheat production.

Once the materials are selected, the mugs are manufactured using various techniques such as pressing, molding, or baking. Depending on the material used, the manufacturing process may vary, but efforts will be made to ensure that the entire process is as sustainable as possible, in addition to the material itself.

Finally, the mugs are personalized. This stage can be carried out using different techniques such as screen printing, pad printing, or digital printing. This allows any design, logo, or message to be printed on the mugs.


Taza beige para personalizar con logo azul modelo mano chica fondo madera

Customizing eco-friendly mugs is the most creative moment of the entire process.

Personalizing eco-friendly mugs is an opportunity to unleash creativity and create a unique and special gift.

In our online shop, we offer you different tools so you can customize any of our mugs to your liking.

You can choose from a wide variety of predefined designs or upload your own design. Additionally, you can add text, images, or logos to make your mugs even more personalized.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Our team of graphic designers will be happy to help you create the perfect design for your personalized eco-friendly mugs.

Custom eco-friendly mugs are an ideal gift for any occasion:

  • Corporate gifts for clients: They are an original and sustainable way to promote your brand or business.
  • Event gifts: They are a perfect detail to give at both family and professional events.
  • Employee gifts: They are a unique and special gift that will help your teams feel cared for and more committed to the company.
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