Eco-friendly Custom Mugs

Eco-friendly custom mugs, a unique corporate gift.

We are happy to present our personalized eco-friendly custom mugs made in Spain by master craftsmen. They are smooth mugs lacquered with white paint and have small gray specks that have been splashed by hand, mug by mug. This finish gives them a handmade touch and conveys the essence of the pottery in which they are made.


Eco-friendly custom mugs

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Eco-friendly custom mugs made by and for people committed to the environment.

We have decided to create eco-friendly custom mugs as merchandising gifts. Unlike those you may have seen, they are made by Spanish potters in Spain. We choose ceramics because it is a 100% natural material and no toxic polluting chemicals are used in its creation. 

Ceramic is an environmentally friendly material because its raw materials are clay, soil and water, which makes it recyclable and reusable. Furthermore, clay is a material of choice in the world of sustainable merchandising, as it has a long life and takes a long time to age. Our eco-friendly custom mugs are a safe bet to reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you want to know more about how we make our eco-friendly custom mugs, check out this post:


 Features of our eco-friendly custom mugs

How are our eco-friendly custom mugs made?

The eco-friendly custom mugs are made in a Spanish pottery workshop by master potters. These artisans decided to personalize and decorate the mugs with picas, small grey dots randomly and irregularly sprinkled with a toothbrush, to add that unique touch that makes each and every one of their creations special. 

The creation process is at the same time laborious and precious, as the effort is represented in each individual mug. First of all, our artisans knead the white clay to achieve the ideal consistency. Once the clay is ready, it’s time for the next step: molding. In order to be more efficient and meet our customers’ deadlines, we have created a mold that gives a perfect shape to our eco-friendly custom mugs. The way to shape the cups with these molds is as simple as pouring the mass and letting it dry for a while. 



“Decorating the eco-friendly custom mugs is the most creative moment of the whole process!”

Once the mug starts to acquire a more rigid consistency, our potters finish going over them manually on the potter’s wheel and clean it and smooth out any imperfections with a damp sponge. When the mugs are perfectly formed, we move on to the drying step in the kiln, where the first firing is carried out. Once fired, we enter the funnest phase, the decoration! 

First we prepare the gray paint for the spades with natural dyes and then we wet a toothbrush and splash the paint all over the cups at random. Once the cups are decorated, it is time to pass them through the enamel so that they are protected from any liquid. The enamel chosen is transparent, so you can appreciate the craftsmanship of the mug and the little spikes. 

Once all the cups have been enameled, they are again cleaned with a damp sponge and the base is cleaned, so that it does not stick during the second firing. 


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