Sustainable Badge-Holders

The complete kit for your plantable event badges

For a 100% ecological event you need sustainable badge-holders, seeded badges and our eco-friendly lanyards.

Still not familiar with sustainable badge-holders? The environmental impact of events is the order of the day. If you are planning to organize one, review all the materials you will need and try to use recycled materials. At Sheedo we bring you the most necessary alternatives to create a sustainable event.

identificativo eventos sostenibles con lanyard

Identification Badge Holder

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Funda acreditación A7

A7 Badge-Holder

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Funda acreditación A6

A6 Badge-Holder

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funda acreditacion doble agujero

Badge-Holder A6 double hole

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funda acreditación doble apertura

Badge-Holder A6 double window

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ecofriendly badge holder event

Badge-Holder A6 big window

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Sustainable badge-holders – no more plastic badges, switch to paper!

Events are one of the main moments in which single-use plastics are used. There are already many companies that are betting on sustainability in events and the first step is to choose an ecological badge. It is the element that is most seen and most wasted. Thanks to the plantable badges, paper badge-holders and organic cotton lanyards, we will manage to minimize the environmental impact among all of us.

Paper badge-holders are durable and biodegradable.

As badge-holders have a very short shelf life, we should avoid using materials that cannot be recycled or that do not degrade in a short time. Paper is a very good option, because it is resistant, can be personalized with the desired logos and can also be recycled. To make your event completely sustainable, at Sheedo we have created a series of gifts for events.

Why use sustainable badge-holders?

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in all areas, and the world of events is no exception. One way to contribute to a more sustainable event is by using eco-friendly merchandising, such as sustainable badge-holders.

Badge-holders are a common item at any event, whether it’s a conference, congress or trade show. They are usually used to carry the badge for the event and, in some cases, also to carry other personal items.

However, many of these cases are made from non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic or polyester, which means that they do not decompose and can take hundreds of years to disappear.

This is why it is important to opt for sustainable badge-holders, meaning they are made from biodegradable or recycled materials.

By choosing this type of badge-holders, we are helping to reduce the amount of waste generated at the event and to protect the environment.

detalle fundas biodegradables porta acreditaciones
funda acreditacion a6 digital

Consumers demand sustainability at events

There are several reasons why sustainability is important at events:

  1. Environment: Events can generate large amounts of waste and consume large amounts of energy and water. Taking sustainable measures can help reduce the environmental impact of events.                         
  2. Social responsibility: Events have the opportunity to contribute positively to the local community and society at large. By promoting sustainability, events can demonstrate social responsibility and contribute to a more just and sustainable world.                                                                 
  3. Economy: Adopting sustainable practices can help reduce long-term costs and improve efficiency in event planning and execution.                                                        
  4. Reputation: Sustainable events can enhance the reputation of the host company or organization and attract sponsors and participants committed to sustainability.

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