Personalised Bum Bags as a corporate gift

Bum Bags to custom with your company logo

Sustainable bum bags to create a modern, current, and useful corporate gift. Our bum bags are designed with recycled materials, so you can reinforce your brand identity in an ecological and responsible way.

Personalized bum bag black hand model

Crossbody phone bag ‘POKE BLACK’

From 2,35 €

Personalized beige bum bag for cell phone, hand model

Crossbody phone bag ‘POKE BEIGE’

From 2,35 €

Personalized bum bag for cell phone, gray, hand-hung

Crossbody phone bag ‘POKE GREY’

From 2,35 €

Customized white bum bag with logo on beige background

Bum bag ‘NOON WHITE’

From 4,69 €

Customized green bum bag with beige background logo

Bum bag ‘NOON GREEN’

From 4,69 €

Customized black bum bag with logo on beige background

Bum bag ‘NOON BLACK’

From 4,69 €

Personalized black rectangular bum bag with beige background

Black bum bag ‘PORTIA’

From 3,61 €

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Personalised and eco-responsible bum bags as a corporate gift

What colors are available for bum bags?

We selected the colors with our clients’ brands in mind, aiming to fully integrate your company’s visual identity into all our products.

For our customizable fanny packs, depending on the model, we have chosen these colors:

  • Moss green
  • Classic black
  • Ash gray
  • Natural beige
  • Off-white

What different styles of bum bags can I purchase?

In the selection of products we work with, we always prioritize sustainability, design, and utility.

We offer different shapes and styles of personalized fanny packs:

  • NOON Bum Bag: featuring spacious and comfortable compartments, it’s our most modern and urban fanny pack. Available in green, white, and black.
  • PORTIA Bum Bag: a classic black fanny pack with a rectangular shape, suitable for wearing across the body or around the waist.
  • POKE Crossbody Phone Bag: with an elegant and simple design, perfect for protecting and carrying your mobile phone at events or fairs.
Personalized green bum bag with park background logo

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