Customised coasters

What do our customised coasters look like?

Custom your coaster with your company logo

We present our customised coasters, made from 100% recycled cardboard and which have the particularity of being plantable! There are wildflower seeds placed at one corner of the custom coaster with a natural glue. As soon as it comes into contact with water, the glue melts, the seeds detach and begin to germinate. 

Posavasos de cartón con semillas

Seed Paper Coaster

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How do I plant my customised coasters?

The personalized coaster is biodegradable, so when you plant it, you can bury it directly into the ground. If you prefer to keep the coaster from degrading in the pot, you can also separate it from the area that holds seeds and recycle the other part.


Place the coaster in a pot with soil.


Water the coaster every day


In a few days you will see the first shoots grow.

Why buy customised coasters?

Customised coasters, besides their usefulness, are an ideal promotional product to make your brand known amongst your potential customers. They can be personalized on one side with only one ink in order for you to add a message, a visual or simply your brand logo. 

On the back of the customised coasters are the seeds and the planting instructions. Once the event is over, your customers can take them home and turn them into a plant. This way, they will still have a memory of the day.

In addition to that, purchasing customised coasters with seeds will be economical, they are easy to store and transport due to their light weight.

What is the material of our customised coasters?

Our custom coasters are made from fully sustainable materials. The cardboard is made from recycled cardboard waste, so the natural color is a mottled gray. To keep the printing clean, we lined the recycled cardboard with eco-friendly paper. This way, the colors of your visual will be perfect and the coaster will have a more upscale look and feel.

The seeds of the coaster are attached with a natural glue that is not harmful to the seeds. Once the personalized coasters are planted, they will give birth to small flowers that will fill the room with color.


“Give personalized coasters as gifts to get customers excited about them.”


Features of our customised coasters

How to use our customised coasters?

On the back of our custom coasters, you’ll find simple three-step planting instructions. Fill a pot with soil, make a hole to insert the seeded corner of the personalized coasters, then water it with a little water every day and keep it in a bright place, in a few days you will start to see the first shoots appear like magic.

Gift ideas for our customised coasters

  1. Events are essential to give these customised coasters as gifts, take the opportunity to network and expand your contacts and also use them to attract new customers.

2. Company parties are also great to include these customised coasters. On special days like Christmas, Women’s Day etc. Whenever there is a toast, don’t forget the coasters! Your company’s employees will feel valued and special, and what better feeling than coming to work motivated?

  1. Including these customised coasters in the Welcome Pack is a great option, as you can customize it to your image and add your personal touch that is both useful and simple. A gift that is sure to be a hit.
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