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Today there are already several types of environmentally friendly paper suitable for printing, and any of them is a good option to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Due to the emergence of the climate crisis in recent years, more and more people and companies are making the leap to environmentally friendly stationery for printing their work.
But, do you know the different types of ecological paper that exist? Do you know the difference between ecological and recycled, which is more sustainable? We answer these questions and explain some basic things you should know before choosing your eco-friendly paper for printing.

Flyer A6 ecológico

A6 Eco-Friendly Flyer

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Tarjetón ecológico A5

A5 Eco-friendly Card

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A7 badge ecological

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Eco-Friendly Tags

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Eco-Friendly Business Cards

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Discover our sustainable papers made from recycled waste

Our different sustainable papers


We offer a range of 5 sustainable papers, handmade from recycled natural waste.



Plain white paper, made from white t-shirt waste

CRUDO-Lemongrass cuadrado

Kraft Jute

Brown colored paper made from lemongrass waste


Cotton Laid

White laid paper, made from white t-shirt waste



Blue paper, made from jean waste


Cotton Jute

White paper with jute thread waste

What is ecological paper?

The ‘eco’ label on the paper refers to the environmental impact of the product throughout the manufacturing process. For this, variables such as the consumption of resources used and pollutant emissions throughout the process are measured.

For a paper to be environmentally friendly, it must be manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. In addition, no potentially polluting substances, such as chemicals or added bleaching agents, should be used in its manufacture.

Ecological papers are generally papers whose raw material is not of forest origin. And if it is, it must come from forests managed in a controlled manner, to ensure its future reforestation. The international FSC seal guarantees, for example, that the virgin fiber used in this type of paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

Ecological waste paper is a revolution in the ecological and sustainable stationery sector.

We create creative sustainable papers for your eco-friendly stationery. Print your sustainable business cards, eco-friendly flyers and recycled business cards.

Personalize your cards and create a 100% sustainable and original campaign.

With our eco-friendly paper cards for companies, you can communicate the sustainable values of your brand in a different and original way.

You can customize the paper to suit your communication campaigns, your products or your sustainable marketing actions.

‘Can you imagine an ecological paper that comes from your T-shirt?’

Characteristics of the Recycled Paper

A handcrafted paper made from waste

papel plantable con semillas

An eco-friendly paper that comes from your T-shirt, a jacket or a used jean!

At SHEEDO we manufacture ecological waste papers that represent a real change in ecological stationery for companies.

Creative papers for printing, 100% recycled and unique, because they recover the useful life of waste, while maintaining a sustainable, elegant and high quality finish.

Cotton, of course, is our main raw material. During its manufacture and life cycle, clothing generates different wastes that can be recycled in different ways, but…

Can you imagine making ecological paper from used clothing and jeans?

Yes, we use that cotton that is not recycled and will possibly end up in a landfill, to make our papers.

But that’s not all…

Waste paper is a type of environmentally friendly paper that is made exclusively from contaminating waste, and only water is added to the manufacturing process; nothing else is used. Its manufacture does not use cellulose pulp extracted from trees, and it also avoids all the polluting processes of recovered waste.

It is, therefore, one of the most sustainable options among all the types of ecological paper that currently exist.
Our entire collection of ecological papers is created using textile waste left over from the textile industry, which would possibly end up in a landfill, and avoids the emission of gases from the burning of crop residues.

This type of ecological papers is already available in the market, for those who bet on a creative, ecological and different type of printing.

Papel ecologico y sostenible
papeles ecológicos

Types of recycled and environmentally friendly paper: differences

First of all, it is very important to know how to differentiate ecological paper from recycled paper. The latter simply indicates the origin of the raw material. In other words, recycled paper is paper that has been manufactured with fibers recovered from previously used paper or cardboard, regardless of the manufacturing process carried out.

Therefore, recycled paper may not be environmentally friendly if the recycling production process is still polluting. And ecological paper may or may not be recycled, depending on whether virgin fibers or fibers recovered from other papers have been used.

In both cases, both in an ecological paper for normal printing and in a recycled paper, cellulose pulp from the felling of trees can be used as raw material.

In conclusion, we can say that the most sustainable ecological paper is that which is manufactured with non-forest origin fibers, and in whose manufacturing process the environmental impact has been minimized as much as possible, without adding any polluting substances.


  • Raw material: cellulose fibers recovered from other paper or cardboard.
  • It does not have to be environmentally friendly.
  • It is only ecological if there is a non-polluting recovery and manufacturing process behind it.


  • Non-polluting manufacturing process.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • No chemicals or bleaching agents are used.
  • Raw material: can be certified cellulose or other vegetable fibers that do not come from tree felling.
  • If cellulose, it must come from controlled forests.
  • It can also be recycled if it uses fibers recovered from other papers.

Are you a printer and want to buy blank paper?

At Sheedo we also sell ecological paper without printing for printers. Write us your inquiry at .If you would like to receive samples of the papers for testing, you can buy them at the following link.

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