Recycled Paper

Print your cards on our Recycled Paper

Choose the paper you like best and customize it for your sustainable marketing campaigns. If you want to buy a non-standard size, contact us and we will send you a personalized quote.

papel ecologico A6

A6 Eco-Friendly Flyer

From 0,16€

Tarjetón ecológico A5

A5 Eco-friendly Card

From 0,21€

etiquetas papel ecologico

Eco-Friendly Tags

From 0,07€

laid 1 cara acreditación A6 1

Eco A6 badge

From 0,30€

tarjetas visita ecologicas

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

From 0,07€

Paper made from waste is a revolution in the eco-friendly and sustainable stationery sector

We have created creative and recycled papers for your eco-friendly printouts. Print your sustainable business cards, flyers and card on our recycled paper!

Customize your cards and create a 100% sustainable and original campaign

With our recycled paper, you can communicate the sustainable values of your brand in a different and original way.

You can customize the paper, so that it adapts to your communication campaigns, your products or your sustainable marketing actions.

“Can you imagine paper made from your coffee?”

Discover our potatoes
sustainable waste.

Types of Recycled Papers

We have a range of 8 recycled papers,
handcrafted using organic waste as a raw material.

papel ecológico blanco reciclado

White Cotton 

Plain white paper, made from white t-shirt waste

papel ecológico kraft reciclado


Brown colored paper made from lemongrass waste

papel ecológico blanco verjurado

Laid Cotton 

White laid paper, made from white t-shirt waste

papel ecológico blanco reciclado


White paper with jute thread waste

papel ecológico azul reciclado


Blue paper, made from jean waste

Discover all of our
Recycled Papers

Characteristics of the Recycled Paper

A handcrafted paper made from waste

A sustainable paper made from coffee, cotton t-shirts, corn husks or used jeans!

At SHEEDO, we produce Recycled Paper made from waste that represents a real change in sustainable printouts for professionals.

Creative and original papers, 100% recycled and unique. We are recycling waste for paper while maintaining a sustainable, elegant and high-quality finish.

papel plantable con semillas
papel ecologico de vaqueros

Cotton, of course, is our main raw material. During its manufacture and life cycle, clothing generates different types of waste that can be recycled in different ways, but…

Can you imagine Recycled Paper made from used clothes and jeans?

Well, that’s what we do! We use that cotton that is not recycled and that will possibly end up in a landfill, to make our papers.

But that is not all…

In agriculture, crop waste are usually burned, which contributes to the uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gases. These agricultural remains are useful fibers for the making of some types of eco-friendly paper.

We recycle waste from the production of coffee, corn and lemongrass, and mix it with used clothing to make some of our most original sustainable papers.


papel ecológico blanco reciclado
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