Folleto con semillas Lladro

LLADRÓ chooses our paper to present its collaboration with the Californian brand Plant The Future.

Plant the Future Collection is a collection of handcrafted Lladró planters designed in collaboration with Plant the Future, an avant-garde botanical art gallery and biophilic design studio founded by Paloma Teppa in Miami.

This special collection is the result of the connection between human beings and nature, and is part of Lladró’s Conscious & Creative initiative, which aims to generate beauty from sustainability and respect for the environment.

The result of this collaboration are four matte white porcelain pieces that serve as original planters for cacti, small succulents or air plants. The four pieces take the shape of four animals (Gorilla, Rabbit, Rhino and Elephant), and all of them have been handcrafted in porcelain following unique creation processes.

It is a very elegant work where care has been taken down to the smallest detail. This includes the presentation of the work in a printed and eco-friendly format, which they could count on the help of Sheedo Studio to do so.

Folleto con semillas Lladro
Gorilla with airplant (Lladró & Plant The Future)

Let us help you in presenting your company’s products in a different and sustainable way.

An elegant work that has lived up to the impeccable taste of the two brands.

The work we carried out for Lladró is one of those living projects that are transformed during the production process, and where both Lladró and Sheedo Studio were able to contribute our ideas to reach the final printed piece.

What we did have clear as a starting point was that to present their Plant the Future Collection, we needed to create something very special, that was up to the detail and exquisite taste that the two brands confer to their products and their way of communicating them.

Folleto con semillas Lladro

Finally, it was decided to produce a 12 x 12 cm square accordion that would serve to present the 4 planters and the philosophy of their collaboration.

The accordion was printed on our eco-friendly paper made from cotton waste from the textile industry and was folded and fastened with a band printed on our chamomile seed paper. To present it we decided to put the icing on the cake with a translucent envelope made of plant paper, which gave the premium touch that the project deserved.

You only have to see the photos to understand how proud we are about this project. Thank you so much Lladró for trusting us to continue creating your impeccable sustainable beauty. Let’s keep working together!

Folleto con semillas Lladro
Folleto con semillas Lladro
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