Tarjeta de visita plantable L'Occitane Francia

Pfizer, sustainable innovation

One of Pfizer’s events in 2021 was International Lung Cancer Day, which was held as it is every year on November 17. At this event, Pfizer reminded us how important it is to consider cancer prevention and control measures, and even more so for lung cancer, as it was the type of cancer that caused the most deaths in men in 2020, at 18%.

As part of its innovation policy, which normally applies to the search for medical solutions to build realities that have a positive impact on the environment, Pfizer applied this same innovative concept when choosing the gift offered to the event’s participants. 


Tarjeta plantable L'Occitane Francia

Thus, in its concern for sustainability and respect for people, and as a thank you for their participation in the event, Pfizer offered participants one of our masterpieces in the range of sustainable business gifts, the aerial plant, a plant that does not need water or soil to grow, it feeds on… air! 

More than just a sustainable gift, it’s a decorative element that attendees will be happy to wear at home or in the office, thanks to the elegant and original design of the silk-screened stand with the Pfizer logo holding the plant, and they will long remember the event they attended and the brand that organized it.  

This original gift also came with an explanatory leaflet, printed on our seed paper, which they can also see germinate and grow at home. 

An action that undoubtedly transforms the environment and contributes to making it a greener place, a place where we can breathe cleaner air, a better place.

Find our more about our Air Plant!

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