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Buying personalized and eco-friendly merchandise online is now possible!

Why choose eco-friendly merchandise?

Eco-friendly merchandise is here to stay: consumers are increasingly demanding that the products and gifts they receive from companies are no plastic and are made of eco-friendly or biodegradable materials. 

At Sheedo, it was clear to us since we started with Seed Paper in 2017. Little by little, we are diversifying our products and today we are positioned as a reference in Spain in eco-friendly merchandise.

At Sheedo, we have been clear about this since the beginning when we started with Seed Paper in 2017. Little by little, we diversified and expanded our offer and today, we have positioned ourselves as a real reference in Spain in the sustainable merchandising sector. 

What eco-friendly merchandise options are available?

Discover all of our eco-friendly merchandise products! We combine design, craftsmanship and innovation to create these special corporate gifts. All our eco-friendly merchandise products are customizable. Choose yours and start designing ! 

If you want to realize a 100% customized project or if you are looking for different eco-friendly products, don’t hesitate to write us. Our teams will be happy to discuss with you, and to accompany you in your sustainable and successful marketing campaign.

Seed Paper

Flyer plantable A6

A6 Seed Paper Flyer

From 0,28€

tarjetones kraft papel plantable

Kraft Card Holder

From 0,43€

Marcapaginas personalizado

Seed Paper Bookmark

From 0,16€

tarjetones kraft papel plantable

Kraft Bookmark Holder

From 0,30€

Acreditaciones plantables A6

A6 Seed Paper Badges

From 0,30€

Acreditaciones con semillas A7

A7 Seed Paper Badges

From 0,18€

Tarjetas de visita con semillas

Seed Paper Business Card

From 0,11€

papel plantable con semillas

A5 Seed Paper Card

From 0,50€


A4 Seed Paper Card

From 0,92€

tarjeta plantable A7

A7 Seed Paper Card

From 0,16€

tarjeton personalizado americano

DL Seed Paper Card

From 0,37€

tarjeton plantable cuadrado

Square Seed Paper Card

From 0,37€

Etiquetas de papel con semillas

Seed Paper Tag

From 0,12€

Posavasos con semillas

Seed Paper Coaster

From 0,21€

Díptico plantable A6

A6 Seed Paper diptych

From 0,52€

Diptico con semillas A5

A5 Seed Paper diptych

From 0,94€

Eco-Friendly Paper

Flyers papel ecologico

A6 Eco-Friendly Flyer

From 0,16€

etiquetas ecologicas de moda

Eco-Friendly Tags

From 0,07€

tarjetas visita ecologicas

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

From 0,07€

Tarjeton A5 ecologico

A5 Eco-Friendly Card

From 0,27€

Gifts With Seeds

kit plantable de barro

Clay Planting Kit

From 0,78€

kit plantable biodegradable

Coconut Fiber Planting Kit

From 0,57€

boligrafo plantable


Plantable pen

From 0,57€

regalos de empresa ecologicos

Plantable Seed Pencil

From 0,31€

seed bomb

Individual Seed Bomb

From 0,56€

Regalo empresa ecologico bombon con semillas

Seed Bomb Box

From 2,85€

regalo empresa ecologico piruleta


Seed Lollipop

From 0,90€

regalo corporativo ecologico

Earth Pill

From 0,27€

calendario ecologico plantable

Triangular Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,19€

kit plantable biodegradable

Box Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,22€

libreta ecologica con semillas

Seed Paper Booklet 26 pages

From 0,82€

Eco-Friendly Seed Paper Notebook kraft

Eco-friendly Notebook 50 pages

From 2,14€

planta de aire personalizada

Air Plant

From 4,48€

planta regalo empresa


Succulent Plant

From 1,39€

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Lanyards sostenibles acreditaciones personalizadas

Cotton Lanyard

From 0,30€

Eco friendly badges

A7 Badge Holder

From 0,28€

acreditaciones ecologicas

A6 Badge Holder

From 0,38€

sustainable event zero waste

Zero Waste Box for Lanyards

From 25€

bolsas ecológicas personalizadas

Custom Tote Bags

From 2,23€

tazas ecologicas personalizadas


Custom Mug

From 2,52€

Eco Packaging

sobres kraft C6

C6 Kraft Envelope

From 0,10€

sobres kraft C5

C5 Kraft Envelope

From 0,18€

sobres kraft cuadrados

Square Kraft Envelope

From 0,11€

sobres kraft DL

DL Kraft Envelope

From 0,11€

Sobre ecologico transparente

C6 Transparent Envelope

From 0,36€

Caja carton regalo empresa - S

Small eco-friendly box

From 1,38€
Caja carton regalo empresa - S

Large eco-friendly box

From 2,00€
Caja para taza

Coming soon :

Small box with window

relleno ecologico de periodico

Newspaper Box Filler

From 1,63€ – kg

relleno ecologico de kraft

Kraft Paper Box Filler

From 1,63€ – kg

How can eco-friendly merchandise affect your company?

1. Eco-friendly merchandise is a connection with the customer

When a person receives an eco-friendly merchandise gift, they automatically connect with nature and with the essence of the brand. Having a material product made considering the well being of our planet, creates customer satisfaction and every time they use it, they will remember you. 

3. Eco-friendly merchandise as differentiation

More and more companies want to be sustainable, but only a few show it or really are sustainable. By opting for eco-friendly merchandise, you will be able to communicate it in an effective and direct way. What could be more direct than a gift that can be planted! Demonstrate your sustainable values with actions, show it with eco-friendly merchandise products.

2. Eco-friendly merchandise is competitive

At Sheedo, our goal has always been to prove that eco-friendly merchandise can match regular merchandise in terms of price and quality. And we have succeeded. Today, our eco-friendly merchandise products are at market price, innovative and create new life!

4. Eco-friendly merchandise is brand positioning

The brand is what makes consumers fall in love with you, and makes them want to use your products and follow your adventures. And the best way to make them fall in love is to create a common cause in which they feel identified and involved. This cause is the preservation and care for our planet. Through eco-friendly merchandise, they will have a little piece of you in their homes, and products that will remind them how important it is to take care of the planet. 

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