Let’s make it epic, how to change the world with insurance.

Zurich, a company with a very clear objective: to ensure a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and people’s well-being.

Zurich has presented its new image, much more optimistic and plural. With a renewed, fresh and dynamic visual identity that seeks to connect with millennials. And it did so with the “Let’s make it epic” campaign, which presents the company’s new positioning focused on sustainability.

With the main objective of positioning itself around the well-being of people, while at the same time generating a positive impact on the planet, within a clear commitment to initiatives focused on sustainability. So ‘Let’s make it epic’ responds to the new positioning and values of the company.

Zurich realized that sustainability is not a matter for the communication, business or human resources teams, but is something transversal. And aware that it is normal for there to be a communicative implosion of different projects when there is such a marked trend, they created a sustainability crew. A transversal crew of professionals from different areas.

Bolsa lona ZURICH
Bolsa lona ZURICH

Sheedo Studio recycles Zurich’s advertising banners to make tote bags.

Companies are the economic engine, but also the reflection of society and how we want our future to be. 

“If our goal is to protect people, how can we not take care of the planet where we live” they say, and that today it is difficult to imagine a planet free of pollution, but it is not impossible, the key is to act today to make it viable in the long term.

In the same way, Zurich took action with projects for environmental conservation; one of their initiatives was our collaboration to produce these fabulous tote bags made from advertising banners… a totally revolutionary, original and above all sustainable idea!

A total of 400 sustainable tote bags were distributed at the Trinidad Alfonso Zurich Valencia Half Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon to people who became members of their running community called De Pies a Cabeza in a “digital scratch and win” format. These bags are made from their marathon advertising banners. With this action we managed to surprise all those who received these practical, sustainable and resistant tote bags, all thanks to the characteristic material they are made of.

Here is a video where you can see the successful result of this great sustainable action.

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tote bag reciclado lona
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