Acreditaciones ecologicas DKV

Great revolutions begin with small battles: We planted the Seed of Change with Yoigo for its “I Think, Then I Act” campaign.

Indeed, small actions give way to big revolutions and contribute to changing the world. Small actions like this sustainable and seeded business gift that Yoigo commissioned us to celebrate that ‘Pienso, Luego Actúo‘ (‘I think, then I Act) its award-winning Branded Doing platform created in 2018, with the aim of boosting the social projects of different people, surpassed 100 million views on its YouTube channel.

And it’s about our plantable Earth Pill. A very original sustainable merchandising gift consisting of a capsule made of biodegradable material containing seeds of wildflowers, basil, mustard…and presented in a blister pack that is fully customizable on both sides and printed on kraft or white cardboard, both with FSC® ecological certification.

Acreditaciones ecologicas DKV

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Sustainable gifts for a sustainable company.


Yoigo was born questioning the established and, like us, they think that if something can be better for everyone, we should not be afraid to change it. That’s why they dare to celebrate company milestones with original and sustainable corporate gifts such as our plantable Earth Pills.

This way of thinking and acting has led them to be a B Corp company, a seal that is only awarded to those companies committed to society and the environment, and that is another point in common with us, Sheedo, the first B Corp within the paper and promotional gifts sector. Being a B Corp is something that we would not have achieved without having a clear purpose but, above all, without the support of our customers and employees.

Thanks to all of you who believe that things don’t have to be “the way they are” and that if something can be better, we have to work to change it. And we will keep working!

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