We accompanied Calzedonia in the launch of its first “ecological” swimwear collection made from recycled PET bottles.

Calzedonia continues to be committed to protecting the environment through concrete actions that make it a more sustainable brand. Its latest initiative to demonstrate its commitment was the creation of its first line of “ecological” swimwear.

“Indonesia eco” is the sustainable version of her Indonesia swimwear collection. A line of swimwear created from recycled PET bottles and designed to bring us closer to nature. Specifically, according to the brand, 5 recycled 0.5L PET bottles were used to create each bikini and 7 PET bottles for the one-piece swimsuits.

In keeping with this philosophy, the design of the collection was inspired by the natural world, to offer us timeless outfits, with simple and unadorned features. The sea and the land were also the inspiration for the earthy, warm and turquoise colors of all the swimwear pieces in the collection.

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A plantable card to introduce the launch to the influencers who participated in the campaign.

In addition to presenting the launch to the press, the brand decided to rely on Sheedo Studio for the social media influencer campaign.

The kit that was sent to them to publicize the launch included a sustainable swimsuit from the “Indonesia Eco” collection, reusable products for everyday use and a book on sustainability. The same package also included a seeed paper card, which was used to introduce the campaign and Calzedonia’s commitment.

As we always do with our seed papers, we included planting instructions in the design, so that everyone who received it would know how to plant the paper and watch it grow into a beautiful, colorful plant. 

We continue to accompany brands like Calzedonia on their journey to sustainability and to bring nature closer to companies that want to make a difference.

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