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flyers de papel con semillas

Paper flyer with tomato seeds for Burger King’s new vegan meat

If you can’t beat your enemy, join him. That’s probably whatBurger King, one of the most known burger chains, has decided to do. With the popularity of plant-based products, the fast-food company is extending its involvement in this trend with a new vegetarian launch: the Long Vegetal, the plant-based version of the Long Chicken burger.

flyers de papel con semillas
flyers de papel con semillas

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The restaurant chain is thus committed to sustainable innovation and applies it to its products. In this way, it continues to respond to new consumer trends that appeal both to fans of its iconic products and to all customers who want to enjoy new 100% vegetarian options.

“Our aim is to constantly adapt to the new habits of our consumers, as well as to expand the options for increasingly broad profiles, while offering more sustainable alternatives,” says Jorge Carvalho, general manager of Burger King Spain. “With this responsible launch, we support our motto ‘Have It Your Way’, which aims to offer alternatives for everyone, so that consumers can decide for themselves what they eat,” he adds.

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Burger King is getting serious about the environment and sustainable marketing.

If a multinational like Burger King is already offering three of its main products in a plant-based version, then things are changing. 

This commitment is also reflected in their sustainable marketing actions, as they chose to do so with our A5 flyers printed on paper sown with tomato seeds. 

The final artwork they designed is eye-catching with their slogan and an image of the new veggie burger. The leaflet was distributed on the streets of Cologne in Germany.

In Spain, this campaign also had a great impact, this time they used other means to reach the population. In addition, they hung this billboard in Sol, which attracted the attention of many people. 

flyers de papel con semillas
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