Atlético de Madrid Foundation


The Atlético de Madrid Foundation surprises its employees by giving them a personalized Little Tree to celebrate World Environment Day.

This year, on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day, the United Nations has launched the challenge to prevent climate catastrophe and halt the loss of biodiversity, through the restoration of ecosystems. We can’t turn back the clock and correct the damage caused, but we can plant trees, green our cities and repopulate our gardens with wild species.

At Sheedo, we have joined this challenge with the Atlético de Madrid Foundation, which has given trees to all its employees to celebrate this important day and build a greener future together.

Want to offer an eco-friendly and personalized gift to your employees?

300 personalized pine, rosemary and lavender Little Trees.

The Atlético de Madrid Foundation’s growing involvement in reducing their environmental impact led them to contact us for an internal action to involve all their employees. In view of this year’s United Nations challenge to restore ecosystems, we decided that planting Little Trees would be the best corporate gift to raise awareness among the whole team of people behind the Foundation. In addition to raising awareness, we wanted them to feel that with this type of action, we can all contribute our seed to generate a real change in our environment.

This is how we decided to design a gift pack, which consisted of a triangular box personalised with the Foundation’s image and with a small window so that the tree could breathe. Inside the box we put a small tree in a biodegradable bag to keep it moist and a paper flyer with seeds printed on it. On the paper flyer with seeds you could read a personalised message from the Foundation and instructions on how to plant the tree.

In total 300 pine, rosemary and lavender Little Trees were distributed throughout the week. Everyone loved the idea of being able to contribute in such a committed way to World Environment Day and to be able to plant a tree at home with their families and friends.

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