Tarjetas ecológicas Alpro.

Alpro’s sustainable marketing campaign. Good for you, good for the planet

We all know that what we eat has a negative impact on the environment, with consequences such as decreased biodiversity, water shortages and climate change.

Alpro is also aware of this and has created its own commitment called One Planet Thinking (or Global Consciousness). This commitment is to introduce more vegetables in our diet and at the same time reduce meat consumption. This is not quantum physics; this is what they have been doing for 40 years, pioneering a plant-based diet that is good for the planet.

Tarjetas ecológicas Alpro.
Tarjetas ecológicas Alpro.

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Alpro, committed to the environment

In addition, their production is sustainable and they continue to improve the process with a promise that can be summed up in this simple phrase: One Planet Thinking. This sustainable marketing idea is a movement that essentially includes 5 commitments to the planet:

  • Produce delicious 100% plant-based food
  • Transform the way they grow their ingredients to ensure sustainability. 
  • Use only environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Zero carbon, zero water and zero waste in production 
  • Less and better packaging

In addition to its commitments, Alpro once again takes the side of the Planet by using sustainable and ecological gifts in its communication. Here is our recycled paper, an ecological and recycled paper, totally respectful of the environment since it is made from cotton textile fibers and organic waste such as corn, denim waste or… coffee

Alpro chose to print on A5 eco-friendly Coffee paper for their sustainable marketing campaign. They communicated the launch of a new product: CAFFE, the ready-to-drink plant-based drink made from soy or almonds and mixed with coffee, what better medium to print this launch than a paper made from coffee grounds? The responsible marketing campaign was a success and the corporate merchandising materials used lived up to the brand’s sustainable values.

Do you want to give an A5 Eco-friendly Card on sustainable paper to your customers?

It’s time for change, but when the problem is as big as our planet, where do we start? The answer is simple: the more the merrier for the planet. We encourage you to do your part with every bite, every sip, every move in your business: for you and for the planet!

Tarjetas ecológicas Alpro.
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