Air France

Diptico a5 Airfrance

The French airline communicates its new improvement plan in an original sustainable and plantable way

They decided to print a triptych made of chamomile seed paper

Air France, the French airline, decided to start a new year in the best possible way… by improving its commitment to the environment!

The main idea of this project is to inform their partners, collaborators, and consultants about their new improvement plan. To do so, they contacted us to produce this A5 triptych brochure design made with our seed paper.

Thanks to the seeds we used in its manufacture, those who received the brochure will be able to plant it after use. When the plant germinates, in addition to bringing light and life to any corner, it will be a direct reminder in their mind of the company and its strong sustainable values.

The triptych included all the information that the company wanted to transmit, taking into account its 4 verticals: customers, turnover, efficiency and people.

The design featured the company’s bright corporate colors: red and blue. The back cover included key strategies and indicators to measure performance during the year. When unfolded, one could find the four columns corresponding to its verticals, where all the necessary information for each of them was explained. Undoubtedly a very complete and colorful design.

Diptico a5 Airfrance

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Air France commits to planting its seed of change

At Air France they are aware that CO₂ emissions from aviation currently represent between 2 and 3% of the global total, “this percentage could increase significantly if we don’t act ” they comment, and that is why they are constantly on the move to make each trip even more sustainable than the last. Here are some of their most sustainable goals:

  • Reduce CO₂ emissions
  • Avoid plastic packaging and cutlery in the meals they offer
  • Valorize the waste they generate

As a company that advocates the fight against environmental pollution and pursues the introduction of sustainability in business, we are really pleased to see how companies like airlines are already doing their share.

Diptico a5 Airfrance

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