Yuyo Calm

tarjetas plantables Yuyo Calm

We helped Yuyo Calm thank all of their online customers with our Seed Paper plantable cards.

Yuyo Calm is a pretty special brand for us. Not only because we have been working with them for a long time, but also because they continue to trust us to add value to their product. Also because it is a brand that takes care of every detail, from start to finish. One of those brands with which you feel taken into account and important from the very first moments. You can see this as soon as you arrive at their website or their social media. The care with which they treat their products and image is the same as the care with which they treat their customers and suppliers like us.

We are especially happy that they rely on Sheedo Studio, because they thank all their customers with our seed paper cards. And also because, like us, they stick to their values of sustainability and social responsibility when it comes to taking a step forward as a company.

tarjetas plantables Yuyo Calm
tarjetas plantables Yuyo Calm

No one better than them to tell their story, and ours: Isa and María from Yuyo Calm :

Ever since we created the company, it was always clear to us that we wanted to be as sustainable as possible. Our oils are from European organic agriculture and are made in Europe. The rest of our products are made in Spain. We try to avoid plastic in our packaging and use as little packaging as possible.

Having in mind to be as sustainable and minimalist as possible, we had an inner dichotomy: on one hand, we didn’t want to add anything extra that would end up in the bin and be useless and, on the other hand, we wanted to thank our customers for trusting us.

After thinking about it a thousand times, we discovered Sheedo and didn’t have think twice about it! We were amazed by the idea of turning waste into a flower pot, and also by the possibility of making our customers’ daily lives a little more cheerful. In addition to having a surprise when they make their first purchase, taking care of a plant relaxes them, and it’s also good for them.

Would you like to offer your customers Seed Paper thank you cards?

Yuyo Calm: a company made by and for women that invites you to relax.

Yuyo Calm is a wellness company based on CBD (cannabidiol) products, a natural component of the cannabis plant, which has calming properties. Many people use it to relieve anxiety, menstrual cramps, to recover from exercise or even to soothe the skin.

Isa and Maria are two friends who at one time suffered from a lot of anxiety and managed to overcome it with CBD. Isa’s brother, who lives in the United States, told them about it when they were both going through a rough patch. Although they were very reluctant at first, they eventually tried it and the experience could not have been better. As well as reducing anxiety, they started using it for other things like relieving menstrual pain, or relaxing muscles after sport or physical exertion… So in October 2019, they decided to create Yuyo Calm.

tarjetas plantables Yuyo Calm
tarjetas plantables Yuyo Calm

Yuyo Calm fights against the stigma that still exists around the plant. And they do this by educating and providing real information on their blog and social networks. We encourage you to visit their website, try their oils and enter their lovely world of calm.

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