Too Good To Go 

la caja de bombones de Too Good To Go para el Día de San Valentín.

An explosive gift: Too Good To Go’s box of Seed Bombs for Valentine’s Day

Too Good To Go trusts us again for one of its marketing actions in social media. This time, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, they decided to surprise their followers on instagram with a giveaway. A giveaway whose gift was one of the most explosive sustainable products we have here at Sheedo Studio: our Bomb Box.

Participants only had to follow their account and mention a person they would never let down. This was a nod to the prize they could win: a box of 4 plantable Seed Bombs with a very cool design created especially for Valentine’s Day. The box was made of kraft cardboard and the inside contained 4 plantable Seed Bombs of different seeds: basil, tomato, mustard and roquette.

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Too Good To Go and Sheedo Studio

Too Good To Go’s mission is to inspire and empower every person to take action against food waste. Therefore, they have set out to contribute in every way possible to building a global movement to achieve as much as possible to reduce as much as possible the food waste we make every day.

This is our second collaboration together, after we made 1000 plantable calendars personalized with their brand, so that they could send 2019 greetings to their favorite customers.

The first French sustainable fashion brand to opt for Sheedo Studio’s Seed Paper

This is a pioneering chic fashion brand that distinguishes itself by giving a second life to used clothes: they rework them, give them a modern and trendy touch and transform them into a unique piece with a story, just like our seed paper.

Our paper is made from cotton scraps from the textile industry and can be planted once used. We replace paper and products that are used and then thrown away with those that can be used and then planted. Just like Les Récupérables, we focus on circular economy and offer a second life to fabrics from this polluting industry. The collaboration with this brand was love at first sight.

la caja de bombones de Too Good To Go para el Día de San Valentín.
la caja de bombones de Too Good To Go para el Día de San Valentín.

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