Terra Mítica 

Regalo semillas Terra Mitica

Terra Mítica reopens after the pandemic and counts on Sheedo Studio to present its new show.

Amusement parks are gradually returning to normal for the summer season, and Terra Mítica is doing so with many new features. The park has been closed for the whole of 2020. A period during which they did not remain at a standstill, but took advantage of it to improve their facilities, expand the tourist accommodation areas and create new shows. They are back, refreshed and eager to share their imaginary world with us.
Regalo semillas Terra Mitica

Launch of the new IROKO show with the help of our Earth Pills.

New this season is the multidisciplinary show Iroko, “The power of the four elements”, with acrobats, dancers, swimmers and many other artists from other disciplines. Iroko will be the star show of this season. A large-scale show, supported by a great artistic team, which will be presented in the large auditorium of Iberia.

Thanks to the Maex team, we were able to participate in this exciting launch, which marks the beginning of the return to normalcy of the famous Benidorm theme park.

To reinforce the media campaign, they also decided to use eco-friendly gifts personalised with the attractive image of the show. Our famous Earth Pill was used to support the image of the new show and the park itself.

A total of 1500 Earth Pills containing wildflower seeds were used. This was a great opportunity to give a seeded gift and show the environmental commitment of the venue.

Congratulations on this new show, may it be followed by many more!

Regalo semillas Terra Mitica

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