ROWENTA tarjetón A6

A plantable A6 card to thank the participants of the Rowenta HouseProud campaign for their presence.

An original and sustainable thank you for all those present

Rowenta, the German brand of household and personal care technology, decided to contact us to capture a relational action of loyalty of collaborators, in this case influencers, in an A6 card made with our seed paper, to thank their presence with the aim of making them feel part of the campaign and its commitment to sustainability.

The design is original and colorful, it compiles a message of thanks, both for their presence and for being part of their “family”, or as they like to call it “Rowenta Household”.

The idea of using plantable paper projects their clear commitment to the environment, and is also bringing nature closer to their customers; when customers plant the paper, the plant that will sprout will be a direct reminder of the company in the customer’s mind.

ROWENTA tarjetón A6

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A6 Seed Paper Flyer

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Rowenta reaffirms its commitment to sustainability

The world is advancing every day a little more and having technology in our homes is becoming more and more frequent, but… what about sustainability?

Rowenta surprises us with its new campaign “HouseProud”. Under this slogan, Rowenta wants to get closer to people to help them feel proud of their homes by facilitating cleaning tasks, but also providing tips and useful information to make their home their favorite place, always taking into account sustainability and commitment to the environment. 

“We want to convey to our consumers that we are the perfect ally for their home: we not only help them to make their lives easier, but also to feel proud of the place they live, thanks to products that combine technology, sustainability, design and efficiency”, explains Rowenta.

And we’re happy to help them capture it all in this design!

ROWENTA tarjetón A6

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