Tarjeta de visita plantable L'Occitane Francia

Towards a more sustainable future

Repsol believes that energy companies can play a key role in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That is why they have been supporting the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development since its approval in 2015 and are working to implement it at all levels and in all of the company’s activities.

Its management is working across 9 different disciplines to drive its commitment to “zero net emissions by 2050.”

These disciplines focus on key points of sustainability, ranging from climate change, with a roadmap to reduce the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions, to the circular economy, based on a production and consumption model that guarantees sustainable growth over time, as well as its commitment to the environment, protecting it and prioritizing actions that minimize possible impacts. 


Repsol sostenibilidad

And this is of course reflected in their communication actions, as evidenced by these ecological gifts that Sheedo made for them a few months ago. Here is the duo of plantable seed bombs. An explosive gift… they look like little bombs, but plantable! 

These little clay and soil balls contain arugula, tomato, basil seeds… and come in a totally sustainable and eco-friendly blister pack printed on kraft cardboard made from 40% CTMP fiber, 20% recycled fiber, 15% cotton fiber, and 25% pure, eco-friendly ECF fiber, of course with FSC® certification.




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