Tarjeta de visita plantable L'Occitane Francia

L’Occitane: a surprise for the Spring time for all online customers

Seed paper cards are the perfect way to add value to any e-commerce online orders. A different, creative and sustainable way to thank your customers for their order.

That’s what L’Occitane thought when they decicded to offer their customers a pretty seed paper card for each order, to welcome the spring in colorful conditions. This action was active on the website in France for a month, and was previously communicated on social media for greater impact.

This way, in addition to associating their brand with eco-friendly values, they managed to humanize the online purchasing process with the surprise of the seed paper card, that arrives at the customer’s home with their order.

Tarjeta plantable L'Occitane Francia

Customer loyalty comes with surprises

More and more brands with online stores are looking to add value to their products through quality packaging, personalized messages or other products to complete the order and surprise the customer.  This final touch often becomes the memory we leave with the client and is a key factor in getting them to come back!

Customize your own seed paper cards to surprise your customers

Tarjeta plantable L'Occitane Francia
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