Les Récupérables

Tarjeta papel semillas para marca de ropa

A6 postcards made of seed paper: an unforgettable detail with a unique design

Les Récupérables is a 100% French sustainable fashion brand created on the basis of Upcycling. Giving a second life to clothes and fabrics that are bought, used and thrown away, in order to fight against the serious problems of this industry: the emission of polluting gasses, the use of non-renewable energy, the pollution of water by chemical substances…

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of carbon dioxide emissions and is the second most water-intensive industry in the world.


Postal A6 papel semillas para marca de ropa

In line with their sustainable fashion production philosophy, Les Récupérables turned to us for a green and environmentally friendly communication medium.  The sustainable fashion brand decided to surprise and offer their customers these amazing postcards made from Sheedo Studio seed paper, with a beautiful design reminiscent of the unique French style. These cards are offered to their customers with orders placed in their Paris boutique, as well as with online orders. In addition to taking care of the planet, the brand takes care of the smallest details with their customers. 


The first French sustainable fashion brand to opt for Sheedo Studio’s Seed Paper

This is a pioneering chic fashion brand that distinguishes itself by giving a second life to used clothes: they rework them, give them a modern and trendy touch and transform them into a unique piece with a story, just like our seed paper.

Our paper is made from cotton scraps from the textile industry and can be planted once used. We replace paper and products that are used and then thrown away with those that can be used and then planted. Just like Les Récupérables, we focus on circular economy and offer a second life to fabrics from this polluting industry. The collaboration with this brand was love at first sight <3


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Postal A6 papel semillas para marca de ropa
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