Kerhea packaging sostenible de papel con semillas.

Kerhea, French company specialized in bioplastic products chooses Sheedo Studio to make its sustainable seed paper packaging

Guided by the environmental cause and the desire to undertake, Kerhea has been offering innovative solutions and alternatives to single-use plastic since 2019. Bioplastic water bottles have been their star product from the beginning and with them and their sustainable initiative, they are fulfilling their goal of “offering a greener future to our children”. 

They have a strong network of industrial partners, who are involved from manufacturing, distribution, collection to recycling and transformation of bioplastic material into new products. Thanks to this level of involvement, they claim to cover the entire life cycle of bioplastic products.

Kerhea packaging sostenible de papel con semillas.

These personal and professional convictions, similar to Sheedo Studio’s, led the company to go one step further and dress their KLO water bottles with sustainable seed paper packaging. They designed a plantable paper label with a simple and modern design. Thanks to this innovation in its sustainable packaging, Kerhea surprises its customers with both its product and its packaging. 

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