Tarjeta de visita plantable L'Occitane Francia

Digital Marketing Transformation


Google is helping large business such as Whirlpool, Etsy, HSBC, Unilever and Salesforce develop new solutions to the specific climate change challenges they face. Among other measures, they recently launched tools to help companies choose cleaner regions to locate their Google Cloud resources. 

Recognizing that every company can choose to be more sustainable in many other ways, they are also applying these criteria in their communications and marketing and how they present these actions to their customers. 

The recent launch of the digital marketing transformation program is an example of this. In this particular case, they invited a small group of their customers to develop as businesses in the field of digital marketing. This is an exclusive program that consists of a sophisticated set of annual labs with which the company wants to help these companies achieve digital maturity.  


Tarjeta plantable L'Occitane Francia

About 280 clients received a specially designed welcome pack with the theme of sustainability, an aspect they want to consolidate in their daily work. The pack consisted of a backpack, inside which they inserted a humidifier to prevent visual dryness during DMT sessions, which will be digital, as well as an A5 information brochure and a plantable card printed on our seed paper. Made from recycled cotton scraps and seeds, once read, the cards can be planted to grow into flowers, extending their use beyond the time they received their welcome pack. 

It’s an original and relevant way to invite your customers to an event, and as interesting as it is innovative. 


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Tarjeta plantable L'Occitane Francia
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