BMW and Mini

BMW y Mini lanzan el nuevo coche eléctrico

Eco-friendly promotional gifts for the automobile industry: BMW and Mini launch a new electric car

Bayern by Autosphere is a network of dealerships in France that is committed to sustainable development, just like the major brands it represents like BMW and Mini Cooper. Recently, for the launch of the new electric car models, MINI Electric and BMW iX, the dealership decided to surprise its potential customers with boxes containing several very original eco-friendly promotional gifts, and above all, plantable gifts with a double function, since they can be planted and germinate to become a plant after having communicated their messages.

 On this occasion, in order to respond to this wish to surprise and communicate in a different way, we designed custom cardboard boxes and their contents, which are then sent to the homes of their potential customers.

BMW y Mini lanzan el nuevo coche eléctrico

BMW, Mini and Sheedo Studio

The box, which was screen printed on the outside and inside, contained :

– an A5 seed paper invitations to test drive – an A5 flyer printed on eco-friendly seedless paper from our exclusive Sheedo Papers line, Crudo White 125g, which are papers made from recycled cotton fibers and organic waste.

– A5 brochures, with seed paper covers and multiple interior pages printed in full color on high quality eco-friendly Sheedo papers. These brochures provide complete brand information, vehicle guides and presentations on what they are like, how to drive them and the environmental benefits of electric cars, as well as dealer listings, commitment to the environment, etc.

– A5 booklet with a front and back cover made of seed paper printed in four colors and an interior made of 90g recycled paper in white color. 

– a planting kit including a coconut fiber pot and basil seeds, with which they can start a mini herb garden at home.

– And finally, a gift that we don’t have in our catalog, because at Sheedo we are always looking for sustainable solutions, and if we don’t have it, we look for it: in this case, we found to complete this kit an aluminum water bottle screen-printed with the BMW logo, a material that replaces plastic, and which is much less polluting and therefore, more ecological.

BMW y Mini lanzan el nuevo coche eléctrico

Do you want to give a box with personalized sustainable gifts?

This network of French dealerships has shown originality in informing and communicating with their potential customers about these 100% electric cars, getting closer to nature with our ecological and totally sustainable products.

BMW y Mini lanzan el nuevo coche eléctrico
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