The new trend: Personalized office supplies


The importance of personalized office supplies

Personalized office supplies is a trend that is sweeping the business world, in this blog we will explore a wide range of products and solutions that will make your workspace reflect your company’s identity and culture.

Whether you are looking for pens engraved with your company logo, notebooks with exclusive designs or unique stationery, here you will find inspiration and ideas to take your corporate image to the next level. Discover how personalized office supplies not only add a touch of elegance to your work environment, but also strengthen team cohesion and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Get ready to transform your office into a unique place full of personality with these products that will make your company shine!

Personalized office supplies not only add a touch of professionalism and visual consistency, but also help create a personalized work environment and stregthen corporate identity. In addition, by giving these personalized office supplies to your employees and clients, you are fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty to your brand.

Which personalized office supplies will you need in your company?

1. Plantable pencil:

Personalized pencils are an excellent choice of personalized office supplies for companies, as they are used daily by employees and customers. By printing your company logo on them, you create a subtle but effective marketing tool, since every time someone uses them, your brand will be present. In addition, you can project your values as a company that is committed to the environment by using sustainable pens and pencils… double action in one!

Plantable pencils

From 0,39€

cuaderno tapa dura

Hardcover notebook

From 1,54€

2. Notebooks and booklets:

Sustainable personalized notebooks and booklets provide an opportunity to show the identity and values of your company. You will be offering an ideal product for day-to-day business, your employees will be able to use it in meetings to take important notes or to organize themselves, thus increasing their productivity and also your company’s. You can print your company logo on the cover, along with colors and designs that represent your corporate image.

3. Calendars:

Personalized calendars are useful for all employees, and they can also be promotional gifts for your clients. You can include your company logo on each page, ensuring consistent exposure throughout the year. In addition, if your pages are made with seed paper, each month of the year they can plant the page and get a beautiful plant that will fill their home or office with life, as well as being a direct reminder of the company in their minds.

calendario plantable de mesa

Triangular Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,19€


Eco-friendly custom mug

From 2,52€

4. Custom mugs:

Who doesn’t feel like a coffee to disconnect and get energized to go on with their day? Imagine if the mug is also handmade with a beautiful and completely corporate design…we can’t think of anything better! Our eco-friendly mugs, made by master craftsmen in Spain, are fully customizable and affordable and will give a special touch to your workspace.

5.  Water bottles:

A personalized water bottle with your logo is all you need to impress your employees. Our aluminum bottles are an eco-friendly and ideal option, they are made of 100% recycled aluminum, which makes them super light and easy to transport, they also have an anti-leak cap so the content will be perfectly protected.

botella de agua personalizada

Aluminum water bottle:

From 5,29€

Why give personalized office supplies as a gift?

Giving personaliez office supplies is an excellent idea that can provide numerous benefits to your company:

First, by customizing office supplies with your logo and brand identity, you are creating a constant presence of your company in the work environment. Every time your employees use these personaliez supplies, they will be reinforcing your company’s image and message. In addition, by giving these items to your customers and employees, you are creating a lasting and positive impression, as personalized products convey a sense of care and attention to detail.

On the other hand, they foster a sense of belonging and connection to your brand. In addition, personaliez office supplies can help strengthen team cohesion, creating a more unified and motivating work environment.

It can also be a very effective aid if you are a startup and you are in the process of growing because as a startup, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition and leave a lasting impression in people’s minds. Personalized office supplies offer that unique advantage.

Don’t wait any longer and get yours!

Want to see more products for your company?

The best occasions to give personalized office supplies

Giving personalized office supplies as a gift is always an option to consider because of the many benefits it offers. However, you have to consider the best occasions to make the most of these benefits.

At Sheedo we have prepared a list with the key situations to consider so that your personalized office supplies get the best impact among your employees and customers.

1. Company anniversary: if the company is celebrating an important anniversary, giving personalized office supplies can be a special way to commemorate the occasion and strengthen employees’ sense of belonging.

2. Corporate events: Whether it’s a conference, trade show or internal company event, giving personalized office supplies can serve as a practical and promotional giveaway that will help keep the brand present in the minds of attendees.

3. Employee recognition: When an employee has reached an important milestone or made an outstanding contribution to the company, personalizing office supplies can be a way to recognize and reward their efforts.

4. Welcoming gifts: If a new employee joins the company, you can welcome them by giving them personalized office supplies. This not only creates a good working environment, but also shows that the company values its employees.

5. Holidays or Christmas: During the holidays, personalizing office supplies can be an excellent option to show appreciation to employees or clients, especially during emotional times like Christmas.

6. Personal achievements: When an employee achieves a significant personal accomplishment, such as obtaining an academic degree or completing a relevant project, giving this type of gift to celebrate their success and motivate them to continue gorwing.

Keep in mind that when choosing personalized office supplies, it is important to consider the tastes and needs of the people to whom you are gifting, so that the gift is truly appreciated and useful. 


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