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Eco-friendly custom merchandise is making a difference 

In a world full of technology and digitization, physical products, paper, and corporate gifts are making a comeback. Nowadays, more than ever, companies work hard to humanize their brand and show that behind the screens is a team of committed individuals working for and with society.

The best way to demonstrate this humanity is by reaching out to them through personalized eco-friendly gifts. Ecology showcases a company’s environmental commitment and, therefore, its concern for our planet and the people who inhabit it.

Here are a few eco-friendly gifts available on our website. Get inspired and start designing yours!

kit para plantar

Clay Planting Kit

From 0,90€

regalos de empresa ecologicos

Plantable Seed Pencil

From 0,39€

taza merchandising ecologico

Eco-friendly custom mugs

From 2,52€

calendario de papel con semillas

Triangular Seed Paper Calendar

From 2,19€

planta regalo empresa

Succulent plant

From 1,39€

cuaderno papel con semillas

Eco-friendly Notebook 50 pages

From 1,50€

Eco-friendly custom merchandise ideas

3 examples of original designs that perfectly fit with our products.

Tarjeta A6 con semillas


This famous clothing brand is embracing environmental responsibility. For their online orders, they are using sustainable packaging and also include a plantable seed paper postcard. The chosen design features photographs of natural landscapes, as one of the brand’s most distinctive features is its incredible photos taken in the most beautiful places around the world. The idea behind these postcards is that customers can collect and use them for decoration or planting. A seedpaper postcard, transformed into a personalized eco-friendly gift.


Terra Mítica, an amusement park, decided to give away Earth Pills to promote their new show. They chose the white blister packaging to create a colorful and intense design, matching the performance they are promoting. On one side, we see the god of nature, Iroko, who seeks to restore vital balance to live in harmony with humans. On the back, there are planting instructions and the company’s logo. This sustainable custom merchandise gift was loved by everyone!

regalos ecologicos personalizados
packaging sostenible en papel reciclado

TAN LINE designed the packaging for their socks using our eco-friendly JEANS 300g paper. In contrast to previous examples, they opted for customization with a minimalist design, showcasing the beautiful blue color of the recycled denim paper. Typically, we advise our clients that when personalizing seed paper or eco-friendly paper, they avoid using large masses of color so that the paper’s beauty can be appreciated.

Original quotes for sustainable custom merchandise

There’s nothing more important than conveying the right message to the customer through eco-friendly custom merchandise gifts. A short, direct, and concise message is ideal to ensure that the customer quickly grasps the concept and, above all, captures their attention for a greater impact on their minds. To ensure you don’t run out of ideas, here’s a variety of perfect phrases to combine with our products:

– The future and this product are not disposable, recycle with us.
– A sustainable future is built through collaboration.
– Plant the seed of change.
– Even the tallest tree started as a small seed.

– No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Recycle!
– Conserve, preserve, and recycle.
– Wishes that are planted become true.
– Plant the seed of tomorrow.

Discover the different options of sustainable custom merchandise that we have available.

Discover the different options of eco-friendly promotional gifts that we offer 

Our personalized eco-friendly gifts are carefully selected to offer high-quality products that are not only environmentally friendly but also exclusive and memorable. From items for corporate events to gifts, each can be customized with your logo, message, or design, ensuring that your brand stands out in a unique and meaningful way.

By choosing these gifts, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental care, reinforcing your brand’s positive image and distinguishing you as a committed and conscious company. Plus, the ability to personalize the gift allows you to add a unique and personal touch, making it extra special for the person who receives it. You can incorporate names, important dates, personalized messages, or other details that will make the gift truly unique and meaningful.

How can personalized corporate gifts benefit my brand?

Choosing personalized gifts will have a particular emotional impact on those who receive them. Plus, by featuring a brand’s logo or message, they can serve as an effective form of advertising and marketing, increasing brand visibility and strengthening the relationship with employees, clients or partners.

Take a look at our sustainable custom merchandise, they will help your brand grow while contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

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