Corporate gifts for events

When special occasions are celebrated in the workplace, it is the ideal moment to thank your employees with a gift. Show them you appreciate their involvement in the company!

How to choose your corporate gifts

You are organizing an event and you’re not sure what present to get your employees? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

There are two types of corporate events. Special occasions celebrated in the work place like birthdays, christmas or launch parties and events celebrated outside of the workplace like teambuilding for example. We have gift ideas for all of those occasions. Take note!

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A7 Badge Holder

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A6 Badge Holder

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lanyards ecologicos serigrafiados

Cotton Lanyard

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Corporate gifts in the workplace

Most companies celebrate anniversaries or specific dates such as Women’s Day, Environment Day, Christmas… Employees look forward to these moments, it’s the ideal time to create a true company

At Sheedo, we have accompanied many companies in their projects, and we have helped them choose and design the best corporate gifts for events.



The action with Balearia was an internal action for all Balearia employees for
Women’s Day, the company chose 4 women who made a before and after in
history: Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie, Cecilia Payne and Hypatia of
Alexandria. The gifts for corporate events in this case were four packs of
Earth Pills, each one containing one of them, with an explanation of the
revolutionary actions carried out by each of these women. In addition, each
bunker had the name of each woman, which was a complete success!



Cadena SER contacted us to make a campaign called CON VOZ DE MUJER,
the gifts for corporate events were flyers made with our plantable seed
paper. In them was an illustration of Frida Kahlo, Emma Watson, Raffaella
Carra, these are revolutionary women who defended and defend the rights
of women. An important phrase of each of them was highlighted in each
flyer, the design in white and dark blue was fantastic, it swept the market
without a doubt.


eventos corporativos
eventos corporativos


Explore France is a company that seeks new challenges every year, this
year they wanted to be more sustainable, and they didn’t hesitate to
contact us. The gifts for corporate events were ecological and plantable
Christmas calendars. Each month of the year was made with our plantable
seed paper, depending on the month the seeds varied. We opted for a
personalized design where the typical colors of the French flag stood out,
they loved the result.


Corporate gifts for integration 

In addition to the corporate gifts mentioned above, Sheedo offers other products that are perfect for company events. Companies seek to reinforce the sense of belonging during these events. The main goal is to communicate brand values through products that employees can use on a daily basis.

These gifts are often printed with the logo and colors of the company. When preparing your design, think about the final user. Keep in mind that what works best is a minimalistic design, fast and easy to distinguish. If you need help creating your design, don’t hesitate to contact our team! We are specialists in this matter and would be more than happy to help. 

Discover here three examples of corporate gifts that are usually handed out during integration days or team buildings.


taza ceramica


Our eco-friendly ceramic mug is the perfect company gift. Useful, beautiful and eco-friendly, it is made of white clay from natural materials such as earth and water, making it environmentally friendly. The design comes down to an off-white mug speckled with gray, entirely handcrafted by Spanish potters. In addition, this mug is fully customizable and suitable for any occasion. The quality corporate goodies, used daily by all your employees. 


Massimo Dutti contacted us for a project with a spectacular result. Here, the company gifts were a welcome pack for new employees. A great way to have a direct impact and increase the well-being of the employees in the company. The Welcome Pack is made of recycled cardboard, and inside was a water bottle with a personalized seed paper label, an ec-friendly notebook, a pen and a perfume of the brand. A fantastic, eco-friendly company gift that will leave your employees in awe!

tipos de suculentas para regalar


What better company gift than a plant? It brings life, color and good energy to the office! Succulents are small plants that look amazing all year around. We have selected a variety of them that do not sting and do not require much care to survive. Your order will be composed of different types of succulents to make your employees feel important and want to take care of them. What are you waiting for?

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