Sustainable wallets

 An original and sustainable way to recycle your billboards: recycled material wallets

At Sheedo we have discovered the best way to combine textile with sustainability and that is by creating unique products from the waste of a very polluting material: PVC advertising banners.

As you know, we started with billboard bags and have continued innovating and looking for more outlets for this complicated material. Recycled billboard wallets are a very original, unique and very useful product for your company’s employees.

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Recycled Card Holders

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Sustainable and practical wallets made from recycled billboards

Generally, the conventional wallets we all know are made with materials such as leather, textile cotton or other similar materials, but the reality of using these materials to manufacture wallets has a significant impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and chemical pollution.

At Sheedo, we are aware and therefore, our main goal in creating this recycled material wallet is to raise awareness and promote sustainable and quality alternatives.

By using these unique and sustainable alternatives such as our eco-friendly wallets, you are avoiding the need to extract new natural resources, thus reducing the demand for energy and water needed in conventional production. You are also giving a second life to a waste product with a new utility that will last over time: our sustainable wallets are durable and resistant, which guarantees their prolonged use and reduces the need for frequent replacement. This reduces overconsumption and waste generated by product obsolescence.

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What is our recycled material wallet like?

With this initiative, we managed to manufacture a large number of unique wallets that come from the same advertising banner, in this way we do not waste material and avoid generating waste.

By manufacturing these sustainable wallets we are not only prolonging the use of a product that is usually manufactured for campaigns with a short life span, but we are also giving them a completely functional, practical and different second use.

Our recycled billboard wallets follow a careful and sustainable production process that is summarized as follows:

  1. Pick up: used advertising banners are collected from various sources depending on the type of customer: events, companies or promotional campaigns. 
  2. Cleaning: the collected billboards go through a cleaning process to remove any dirt produced during the period they have been exposed on the street.
  3. Cutting and patterning: our recycled material wallets follow the same die-cut pattern that has been carefully designed so that the result is a wallet with the perfect size and the necessary compartments to make it as functional as possible.
  4. Assembling: The different parts of the sustainable wallet are sewn together so that the result is professional and ready to be used.


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Why giving sustainable wallets as a gift is a good option

These eco-friendly wallets are the perfect combination of fashion and sustainability. In addition, it is a gift that does not go out of fashion, it is classic and useful, but at the same time modern because it projects current and necessary values such as caring for our planet.

If you are a company and you usually use advertising banners for your campaigns, you can not miss the opportunity to turn them into a useful and corporate product, which will be the perfect detail to include in welcome packs, or to give on special dates such as anniversaries or Christmas.

Its size is perfect, we have created it to fit the cards perfectly in its two compartments. They have a resistant and professional finish, and thanks to the material of the billboard, if it gets wet it will not be damaged or ruined.

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