The Little Tree

A fresh and earthy scented corporate gift

A little tree…with big benefits!

Climate change is happening, CO2 levels are skyrocketing and the benefits of trees to our environment are undeniable.

This is why we created this very special, eco-friendly and customizable gift. The Little Tree and its sustainable packaging will not only bring your customers closer to nature but will also benefit the planet.

A gift full of life and positive energy

These little trees are the perfect corporate gift to celebrate nature, life and new beginnings. An eco-friendly gift to associate your brand with your sustainable and socially responsible values.

The Little Tree boxes and packaging are fully customizable, so you can communicate with your brand image, the positive impacts on planting a tree. 

“An environmentally friendly business gift that symbolizes

change, new projects and new life!”

How to plant The Little Tree

In 3 steps:

como plantar arbol instrucciones
Remove the tree and the biodegradable bag from its box.
como plantar arbol instrucciones
Repot it into a sufficiently tall pot.
como plantar arbol instrucciones
Water your tree every two days and place it in the sun.

Small tree, big gift, huge difference!

Choose your favorite tree and customize the packaging with your design

Pine, Lavender or Rosemary, which one do you prefer? You also get to pick between kraft or white cardboard for the packaging and of course, you customize the design yourself with your brand image or logo thanks to our ONLINE EDITOR.

small tree gift Rosemary

The Little Rosemary Tree

small tree gift PINE

The Litte Pine Tree

small tree gift LAVENDER

The Little Lavender Tree

3 types of little trees

Pick yours!

Arbol pino


Arbol lavanda


Arbol romero


The Little Tree’s characteristics

Biodegradable and alive!


Every single one of our trees are made from organic and biodegradable materials. Of course, the packaging is FSC certified, and the moisture-proof bag inside is 100% compostable.


Our tree boxes can be printed in FULL color with YOUR company logo and message. Don’t forget to communicate the environmental impact of planting a tree. Remember to tell your clients or employees how much they will be contributing to society by planting their little tree.


These baby trees are forest native species produced under the best quality standards. They come from Spanish nurseries that take amazing care of their plants. They are also very much concerned about improving the environmental ecosystem.

small tree gift for companies
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