How to plant the Seed Pen?

Follow the 3 steps bellow:

1) Put the cap of the pen containing the seeds in a pot with soil.

2) Place the pot in a place with a lot of indirect light and water it every day.

3) In a week you will see the first sprouts appear. 

video como plantar lapiz plantable

Care for every single one of your seeds, they deserve it!

We have created the most eco-friendly pens that exist! After the success that our Seed Pencils had and still have, we decided to go further and create Seed Pens. 


Needs a lot of sunlight


Plant in March-June

Will germinate in 3 to 10 days

Water 2 times a week


Need 6 hours or more


Between winter and spring

Will germinate in 5 to 7 days

Water every day

General Planting Advice


When it comes to watering, in moderation! Excess water is just as harmful as lack. The pot and the soil will absorb any excess water, but the substrate should never be flooded.


It is important that you place the pot in a sunny spot for the seed to germinate. Just as important is the temperature, conditioned by the season of the year: each seed needs a certain temperature range. By the way, be patient! Each seed is a world and not all of them take the same time to come to light.


There will come a point where your plant needs more space. The most recommended thing is to transplant it when it develops two or three pairs of “true” leaves. Be careful, carefully remove the plant ensuring the integrity of the roots (do not pull the stem), and transplant it into a larger pot, watering abundantly to cohere the soil.

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