Original coasters

The new era of coasters:

original coasters, eco-friendly and plantable

Let yourself be surprised by our original coasters: they are plantable, practical and sustainable.

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Seed Paper Coaster

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What do our eco-friendly and original coasters look like?

Our original coasters are made from 100% recycled cardboard from cardboard waste.

Cardboard is a material obtained by layering paper made of cellulose fibers extracted directly from wood or recycled paper. This makes it a 100% sustainable material.

Regarding the shape of the coaster, we chose a square shape with rounded corners. This shape is ideal for presenting seeds and the rounded corners prevent the original coaster from getting damaged and worn out prematurely.

The glue we use for our original coasters is a natural glue that melts in contact with water and the seeds are easily detached. This is essential for germination, because if the seeds do not detach well or if they accumulate in the same place, the sprouts will not have enough space to grow. 

The seeds of the coasters

The natural glue is essential for germination. If the seeds are not well detached or if they are accumulated in the same place, the sprouts will not have enough space to grow.

We chose wildflower seeds for our original coasters because they are the most popular seeds within our customers and they are suitable for all products, campaigns and businesses. They are colorful and aromatic flowers, ideal for an infusion or to add a floral touch to a cocktail or drink.

The material of our eco-friendly original coasters is designed to resist and absorb moisture from drinks. Since they are customizable eco coasters, we have lined each coaster with white paper, which allows the prints to appear in color and be perfect on the surface.

Why is it important to choose a sustainable promotional items like our original coasters?

Sustainability is no longer an option, it has become a legal and moral obligation. Companies have a big challenge to rethink and change the way they produce, promote and sell. The good news is that many conscious companies have already begun this ecological transition. Measures such as reducing emissions, optimizing and recycling waste and using new, more sustainable raw materials will make a substantial difference in the fight against climate change. 

It is clear that the days of companies ignoring the environmental disaster we are experiencing are numbered. Not only will they be increasingly on the bangs of the law, but their own customers will demand measurable initiatives, such as environmentally friendly, and maybe plantable, communication through objects. At Sheedo, we create real alternatives to plastic, such as original coasters, seed pens and plantable notebooks. These new eco-friendly promotional product alternatives prevent kilos and kilos of plastic waste from ending up in our oceans every year. 

For this and more, sustainable product options such as our  eco-friendly original coasters will never disappoint.


Original coasters as a marketing tool

Today, we are faced with new consumers who are product informed and aware of the world around them.

That’s why, today more than ever, we need to think about good marketing strategies related to the protection and respect of the environment.

The best marketing actions are those that manage to have an impact on the customer, those that manage to get into the consumer’s mind and break it.

Our original coasters are the ideal product to add to your marketing campaigns. They are unique, impactful and environmentally friendly, three key factors for success.

There are many ways to include our original coasters inside and outside the company. You can take advantage of corporate events and offer them to customers to promote your company.

In both cases, you will be providing a useful and dual-purpose product since it can be planted and, most importantly, sustainable; you will also be projecting your values as an environmentally friendly company.

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